Canon & Getty Images "This is Australia" Program

28 July 2019

This year, in our pursuit to help Ted's photographic community thrive and grow together, we are providing you with an exclusive opportunity to join the ‘This is Australia’ program by Getty Images & Canon.

By joining the community as a stock photographer and contributing your images and videos, you will have the opportunity to make money by licensing your work to a global audience of 1 million Getty Images customers.

How Do You See Australia Today?

The “This is Australia” image collection celebrates the diversity and authenticity of contemporary Australian culture, focussing on the people and places that make it such a special country to live and travel in. If you have a knack for capturing the magic of everyday life in Australia, you could turn your passion into a vocation by becoming a contributor.

Canon & Getty Images "This is Australia" ProgramCanon & Getty Images "This is Australia" Program
Canon & Getty Images "This is Australia" ProgramCanon & Getty Images "This is Australia" Program

Find Inspiration and Develop Your Creative Skills

Shoot briefs for “This is Australia” are created using industry trends to identify the most in-demand content themes and spark your creativity. As a photo or video contributor you will be granted access to exclusive learning resources, the latest trend insights and tools, empowering you to create the content customers are actively seeking.

Connect with a Community of Talented Creatives

By joining the “This is Australia” program, you are joining the world’s largest image distribution network in Getty Images and unlocking a world of new creative partnerships and professional opportunities. You will have opportunities to meet fellow creatives at events across the country, and the stock contributor community is also active online, making it quick and easy to stay connected with your new network while benefiting from professional peer-to-peer support.

How to Become a Getty Images Contributor with “This is Australia”

Step 1

Download our Contributor by Getty Images app. When signing into the app, make sure to enter the invitation code "THISISAUSTRALIA" when prompted otherwise you will not be included in the program.*


Step 2

Shoot Everyday Scenarios. You should shoot photographs and videos that reflect everyday life scenarios with people as the core subjects.**
Your samples must all have been shot on a Canon camera.

Take a look at the Getty mood board HERE for more inspiration.

Step 3

Submit samples of your work use the Contributor by Getty Images app to Upload three to six of your photos and/or videos that you feel best represent modern Australian culture.

Step 4

Once you have been approved, start contributing!

*You must be at least 18 years of age to apply.
**Please note that although your subjects can be your friends and family, we request that you do not submit street photography images of people who have not given you permission to photograph them.

Trends and Opportunities with Getty Images

Watch this webinar to learn more about becoming a contributor to the ‘This is Australia’ Collection from the Getty Images creative team.

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Save $10*

When you subscribe to ClubTed today!