How to Choose the Perfect Camera to Capture Family Moments

26 June 2019

Have you always wanted to take nice family photos but your camera and photography skills aren’t up to scratch? It’s true what they say - that the days are long, but the years are short. Before it’s all over in a flash, it’s time to fill up the picture frames, photo books and Facebook feed with your precious family moments.

Holly Brunnbauer, from Motherhood Melbourne is a Mum of two boys. She’d love to share her camera selection with you and help you find the perfect camera. Plus, Holly has some extra tips on how to take great photos of your kids.

About my camera

I personally use the Sony A6000. There are a few reasons that this camera is perfect for me. Firstly, it’s compact and light. As a Mum of two young boys, it’s easy to pack for family outings. It doesn’t weigh me down when I’m carrying the baby and nappy bag.

Another nifty feature is that it has built in Wi-Fi. This means I can instantly share images from my camera to my phone. It saves so much time. But the real winning feature for me is the ‘11FPS Burst shooting’. What does that mean? Well, when you hold down the shutter button, you can capture several photographs in quick succession. This is really handy if you’re shooting wildlife but for me it’s perfect for my boys that give the Flash a run for his money.

Kid-friendly photo tips

1. Let them play

If you wait for kids to sit or stand perfectly still, you’ll probably never get a photo of them. Photograph your kids playing as it’ll make the photo more natural. If you’re going with more of a formal style photo, then a favourite toy will do the trick. If you abruptly stop your kids from playing or yank a toy away for a “quick” photo, there will be tears and tantrums. 

2. Get down to their level

Kneel down or sit on the floor to take their photo. Firstly, they’ll be curious about what you’re doing and also more receptive to instructions. Plus, the photo itself will look better taken at eye-level than if you’re standing up and pointing down.

3. Get it done quickly

Taking photos can be quite boring for kids. They are much more interested in their surroundings. There’s a very small window where kids will be able to follow instructions and give the obligatory smile. Try to get it done quickly, before they get over it and start pulling funny faces…even when you’ve told them not to.

Find the perfect camera & learn how to use it

You’re probably now keen to find a camera and get those happy snaps. Here’s 4 simple steps to find the perfect camera and bring your photography A-game.

1. Understand your photography style

You know when you’re scrolling through Instagram and there’s a particular photography aesthetic you’re attracted to? Screenshot it. Or open up Pinterest (like you needed an excuse anyways) and create a board of the photography style that you adore. Why? Because understanding the photography style you like will help you pick out the perfect camera.

Wanting shots of your fam at sunrise, running in a field of daisies is a lot different to squishing on the couch and saying “cheeeese”. Understanding your style and the type of moments you’d like to use your camera for will help you with the next step.

2. Select the right camera

Compacts, mirrorless, DSLR – oh my! There’s a lot of cameras out there and nobody has time for hours for reviews and research. So camera newbies, it’s time to meet a camera specialist - such as a Ted's Cameras expert.

If you’re visiting in-store, this is when you’ll want to whip out your Pinterest board to show them the type of photos you want to take. Let them know if you’ll be taking photos of fast-moving objects (like a rogue toddler). The more info, the better.

Need to get this done remotely? Visit the website and click on ‘Ask an Expert!’ or hit up their handy article on The Best Digital Cameras.

3. Learn the tricks of the trade

Got your camera (yay!) and wondering “how the heck do I use this thing”? Pinky promise you won’t let it collect dust because you’re scared of a few buttons. It’s time to get yourself an education at Ted’s Academy. Start with the basics by booking into a ‘Free Camera Basics Class’. Nailed that? Move on to Classes or 1-on-1 sessions. If you prefer to learn solo, check out If this article has inspired you to spruce up your photography skills and buy a new camera, I’d love to know. Take a happy snap, upload it to Instagram or Facebook and tag @motherhoodmelbourne and @teds_cameras. Use the hashtag #FeatureMeTeds to get your photo re-shared.
for nifty tips.

4. Practice makes perfect

Let’s take your camera for a spin and get clicking. You bought it to capture family moments, so start now. It can be hard to round up the troops, so just start snapping your fam in their natural habitat. Who knows what potential 21st-birthday pictures you’ll get of your kids?

The more you play with your camera, the more you’ll feel at ease with it. Then next time you go on a family holiday, celebrate a birthday or just want social proof that you sometimes wash your hair, you’ll feel confident to capture the moment.

If this article has inspired you to spruce up your photography skills and buy a new camera, I’d love to know. Take a happy snap, upload it to Instagram or Facebook and tag @motherhoodmelbourne and @teds_cameras. Use the hashtag #FeatureMeTeds to get your photo re-shared.

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