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27/06/2014 11:27 am

Our last post introduced you to Travel Photography, now we are going to take you a little bit further into looking at the best equipment you should be using.

When traveling with photography equipment you really want the smallest and lightest gear you can find without sacrificing quality.

For those looking at a compact camera for travel, you cannot go past something like one the big zoom compacts such as the Sony HX60v or the Panasonic TZ60. These cameras are great for travel as they have a really long zoom lens, they are still compact in size and they have really good resolution sensors.


If you want to take the next step up in cameras then consider the Compact System Cameras (CSC)  like the new Olympus OM-D and Fuji X series, these are perfect cameras for travel photography as they are compact, have high resolution sensors and you have the ability to change lenses very easily like an SLR.

If you are currently an SLR owner or are looking at buying an SLR, there are still compact and small versions that are available on the market, models such as the Canon 100D which are prefect for travel.

When it comes to lens choices for SLR’s you cannot go past the Tamron 16-300mm or the Sigma 18-250mm lens. These are well suited lenses for travel as they cover a large focal range, much like the small compact cameras we mentioned earlier.

This means you only have to travel with one camera and one lens and you also have less chance of dust getting into the camera as you do not need to change lenses.

The 16-300mm gives you great coverage from wide angle through to long telephoto it will enable to capture all aspects of your trip with ease.

As an example sees our guide here to get a real world example of the kind of coverage you can expect from these lenses.

There are some great bags on the market from Lowepro, Kata and Thinktank to help carry your equipment.

Two styles that are best to consider are either a backpack or a sling style bag, a good example back pack from Lowepro is the Photo Hatchback series.

These are good because they have only rear access to the camera section, handy when you are in busy location with lots of people around it means you gear will be safe inside the bag. There is also a section in the front to put a tablet or small laptop and a section to use as a day pack.

Another option is a sling style bag, while smaller than the back pack but can still hold a small camera and lens. It is also good for carrying wallets, keys etc as well.

One really handy thing with the sling bag is that you can pull it around in front of you so again when you are heavily populated areas you hang onto the bag to help protect your equipment.

A Tripod is a very handy piece of equipment to travel with, when you want to capture that great sunset when you are on the tropical island it will just make it easier to capture as it will allow you to use a slower shutter speed and you will not have to worry about camera shake.

A couple of good travel tripod options are the Manfrotto BeFree and the Velbon UT-43D II Tripod.

They are both small and light weight but they will still take up to 4kgs of weight easily. But the tripods themselves do not weight any more than 1.5kg. They fold up small enough that they would fit in the bottom of the bag and take up no more space than a couple of pairs of shoes.


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