Ted's "Share-A-Thon" Photo Comp Winners!

5 January 2017 3:05:43 PM AEDT

Just when we thought it couldn't get any harder to pick a winner, this months entries absolutely blew the judges away. With themes ranging from animals to astrophotography, we've sifted through over 1400 images to bring you our three top picks... Did you make the cut???

  • 1st Place: DJI Phantom 3 Drone
  • 2nd Place: Nikon Keymission 360
  • 3rd Place: Sandisk Extreme 64GB SDHC

1st Place: Dan Stewart

I spent 3 months getting this shoot ready for my assignment for school. Had to get the dress made for the model and had to book the ship to shoot on which we could only shoot on it in the evening on one day of their choice which left the date of the shoot up in the air. The shoot went awesome lots of people walking on the Warf stopped to watch us shoot . Awesome evening . Shoot shoot. Officially broke afterwards

2nd Place: Debbie Hartley

That feeling of breaking free...

3rd Place: Richard Misquitta

Loving this macro method of photography! So clear, so detailed.

Honourable Mentions:

Melanie Farrugia

Peter Willingham

Susan Shanta

Dale Turner

Andrew Williams

Floyd Mallon

James Vodicka


Some of there winners are truely amazing but do we have distinctions for a true photo from the camera or those which are technological inhanced. Me I take realistic pictures of places and people that are historic and authentic
Comment by Sue pinkney - 6 January 2017 8:48:28 PM AEDT
I agree with your comment Sue - true photo from the camera or technologically enhanced?! That's what puts me off these photo comps. Too much digitially enhanced photos - where are the true photos and why aren't the people who take these being recognised. Don't get me wrong I don't mind a bit of enhancement but some of these look to be taken too far, as far as a PHOTO competition goes. Maybe they should re-name the comp to Best Enchanced Photo then these winners are truly amazing.
Comment by JOJO - 19 January 2017 5:23:28 PM AEDT
People who say things like only "true photos" come direct from the camera, all digital cameras have settings which are originally set in the factory, so is it still a "true photo" if these setting are adjusted by the photographer ?
Also photos have been enhanced since the beginning of photography history, I was just reading of a photographer who in 1876 would add clouds to his negatives when making salt prints, as you could not capture the clouds with the technological at his time.
OR some people say only b/w are true photos, others say only film is true photograhy.
“I am sure the next step will be the electronic image, and I hope I shall live to see it. I trust that the creative eye will continue to function, whatever technological innovations may develop.” – Ansel Adams
“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” – Ansel Adams
Comment by Steven Shadbolt - 14 January 2017 7:28:48 PM AEDT

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