Sony A9 Review

27 June 2017

Sony have been the go-to brand for Full Frame mirrorless thanks to the A7 range offering a few options to suit a variety of different users from enthusiast to pro, both photo and video. If you had ever questioned Sony's commitment to professional photographers, that should be well and truly quashed by the new A9.

The headlining feature here is the brand new 24 Megapixel CMOS sensor. Yes, we've seen 24 megapixel sensors before, but this is a new Exmor RS "stacked" CMOS sensor. What this new sensor design achieves, aside from some image quality improvements, is simply incredible speed.  Thanks to the faster data readout from the sensor, the A9 is capable of an impressive 20 full resolution frames per second without interrupting the viewfinder display, and while maintaining continuous autofocus, and a maximum shutter speed of 1 32 thousandth of a second, perfect for even the most demanding sports photography.

That autofocus system by the way, has 693 phase detect points which will have no problem tracking subjects across the entire image frame, so you can really make the most of that 20 frames per second shooting. This all sounds great, but there's probably 2 things you're thinking: First, surely at 20 frames per second the burst won't last too long, but Sony have that under control with a 200 RAW frame buffer. And of course, where are you going to store all these pictures? Dual SD slots should provide plenty of storage with one slot being UHS-3 compatible, and the other UHS-1.

With all the big numbers out of the way, let's take a loot at the other additions. If you've already got a Sony mirrorless or two, you'll be ambivalent about the introduction of a new Z series battery which offers over double the battery life of the FW50. A definite bonus, but that also means if you've already got a bunch of FW50's, they won't be usable with your new A9. I'm always happy to see in body image stabiliser, and the 5-Axis SteadyShot has been improved for the A9 as well for ultimate clarity with handheld shooting. The high resolution tilting LCD screen is also a touch screen, not used for menu control, just for focus point adjustment which I think is perfect.

If you weren't convinced yet that Sony had professionals in mind, just take a look down the side here where we find a sync port as well as an RJ45 Ethernet port for direct FTP upload and don't worry, WiFi is still included as well to get images straight onto your mobile device.

Well that's all for now, for more details on the A9, just pop in store and see myself or any of our expert staff for all of your camera advice. Stay updaTED by following Ted's on Facebook and Instagram, and join ClubTed on our website to receive discounts both in store and online. Remember, there's not much that we don’t know to help you capture life.

Note: The Sony A9 has now been discontinued and replaced by the Sony A9II.

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