Ricoh Theta S Review

27 October 2016

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James from Ted's Cameras discusses the features and benefits of the Ricoh Theta S

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Hi I'm James and welcome to Get Teducated.

It's 2016 and VR is totally a thing now. Initially it might not sound like something you'd be interested in or even related to photography, admittedly I myself was a little sceptical to begin with, but having tried out this Ricoh Theta S 360 camera I can tell you it is amazing.

Specifications seem less important, but for those interested the Theta S creates a 14 megapixel still image, and does Full HD video at 30 frames per second. The still image - at least in the case of my android phone - will appear in your phone photo gallery as a long, distorted, panorama-type picture. When you view the photo in the Theta S App though, it's displayed as a proper 360 degree image which you can drag around and zoom in and out on. These pictures and video can be shared in full 360 degrees directly to Facebook and Twitter via the Theta S app, or if you prefer to send photos directly to a specific friend, you can actually just send that distorted image from your photo gallery through whatever messaging app you prefer. As long as they download the free Theta S app, they can still view it in all it's 360 degree glory.

Setup is super easy, once you've download the app all you need to do is make sure WiFi is enabled on your phone, turn the camera on, and then hit the WiFi button on the side here. Connect your phone to the Theta's WiFi network, the password is just the serial number on the bottom of the camera, and you're ready to go! The app works as a wireless remote control where you can see what the camera is capturing, start and stop video and take a photo. You also get some manual options for shutter speed and ISO if you feel like taking control, otherwise Auto will do the job just fine.

The best thing about creating 360 degree images with the Ricoh Theta S, is it allows you to share not just a photo, but an experience. A lot of the time I end up showing people photos of these interesting places I've been, and feel like the photo just isn't doing it justice. Capturing a 360 degree image allows you to really capture the atmosphere, and the best way to allow people to explore the image and get a proper feel for the whole experience is through a VR headset.

All you need to do, is change the playback mode into VR Twin View, and slide your phone into a headset like this Kaiser Baas VR-X headset. Pop the headset on and you'll be fully immersed inside the photo or video, like you're actually there, able to look straight up, down, all the way around. It is so much fun, people will actually want to see even your most boring holiday photos and videos.

Behind the lens, Nikon have included an upgraded 20 megapixel image sensor which will deliver the brilliant colour reproduction we've come to expect from Nikon, plus the extra resolution for the potential to print larger or crop in a little closer. If printing isn't your cup of tea, you'll be pleased to know the A900 includes Nikon's great new SnapBridge feature. With SnapBridge, it's as easy as a one-time pairing, and you can tell the app to automatically transfer images from the camera to the phone as you're shooting. The auto-transfer can be set to transfer downsized, 2 megapixel images, so they're instantly ready for uploading to Facebook and Instagram without chewing through your mobile data.

It's difficult to explain just how awesome the Theta S is. I recommend downloading the Theta S app from the app store and check out the sample photos included with it to get just a glimpse of the possibilities. Stay updaTED by following Teds on Facebook and Instagram, and join ClubTED through our website to receive discounts in store and online.

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