Photography for a Rainy Day

20/05/2018 10:00 PM

Making the Most of Bad Weather:

Indoor Photography for a Rainy Day

A bad forecast from the weather bureau doesn’t mean you and your camera can’t spend some quality time together. If you look around your house and use your imagination you are sure to find some inspiration for an impromptu photo shoot. It is also a good chance to brush up on your technical skills. Here are some common items that you can use as your muse on the next rainy day.



A Burning Desire


Fire is a visually eye-catching element which most of us are able to capture in various ways around our house. These ways include tealights, candles, or even an open fireplace. Bright flames are a great way of experimenting with strong contrasts, a term that is sometimes called chiaroscuro in the art world.


Here are a few basic ideas that you can investigate:


  • Use reflective devices, such as a mirror to see how this affects the flame.
  • Use longer shutter speeds and uncover how this affects the flickering flame.
  • Use a faster shutter speed and see if you can capture a sharp image of flame.
  • Play with contrast, emphasising the brightness of the flame and the darkness of the backgrounds.

 Although fire is fun to photograph and you can come up with some great images, always be sure to exercise caution and safety above all else.



Photographing Your Food


Social media is flooded with images of food, as just a quick inspection will uncover. With a lunchtime snap being so common, it is hard to see these pictures as more than an effort to make friends and family envious, but there can be more to it. For generations, food has been a common artistic subject and making food look visually appealing is a required technique of any commercial photographer.


Successful food imagery takes into account the following important factors:


  • Lighting
  • Contrast
  • Balance
  • Plating

It is also important to understand how a particular meal is designed to make you feel and produce the images accordingly. For example, foods such as fruits and vegetables are a healthy and wholesome choice, while a decadent dessert is elegant and appealing.

Food is one of our favourite choices of subjects and to top it off, you can eat the results when you finish shooting!



Photographing Your Pets


Do you really need a reason to take loads of pictures of your favourite furry friends? When it’s too wet outside for both you and rover, you can take time to bond and add another few hundred photos to your hard drive, which we know is already full of pet photos!


Another subject which is more than represented online, a quick flick through Instagram will unleash a whole wealth of inspiration. The real challenge here is to try to uncover something that is fresh and unique, and that captures the spirit of your animal. This is a great, stress-free way to practise shooting a live-subject, and many of the techniques you perfect here, you can apply to your people portraits at a later date.


Equipment To Improve Your Indoor Photography


It isn’t too expensive to create your own mini studio and many of the items required will be just as useful for your spontaneous home shoots as they will for your next outdoor photographic adventure. Here are a few items that you can stock up on for the next rainy day.

  • Tripod - Make minute adjustments to composition and facilitate longer exposures.


  • Remote - Prevent camera shake and allow yourself to star in some images.

  • Flash/studio lighting - Take control of the lighting conditions under your roof.

  • Reflectors - Great for harnessing natural light and illuminating still-life subjects.

  • Spare batteries and Cards - Always good to have in your kit, the longer the rain goes on the more you will need them!


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