Where To Go in Tasmania for the Best Landscape Photos

17 January 2022

Tasmania is one of those places where it’s hard to take a bad photo. They’re a lucky lot in Tassie, with all that rugged beauty. Whether you’re a beginner or a well-seasoned photographer, taking photos of the Island of Inspiration, as it is sometimes referred to, has got to be one of the best things to do in Tasmania

From incredible coastlines to pristine snow-capped mountains, there are so many must-see places in Tasmania, and Hobart’s photography potential is undeniably a drawcard for photographers.

If you’ve been long thinking about a visit to Tasmania, then it’s time to do just that, travel-friendly camera in tow. Here’s our photographer’s guide to Tasmania, with everything you need to know about Tasmania’s landscape photography hot spots, and all the gear you’ll need to get the shot.

What sort of photographs can I take in Tasmania?

Tasmania is a haven for landscape photographers. This is thanks to the climate which is cooler than the rest of Australia, with more frequent rainfall. Compare the lush, dense environment of our island nation’s largest island with the often barren land found in warmer regions of the mainland.

The flora that results from this climate makes it a wonderful habitat for a huge range of native fauna, so keen wildlife photographers will really enjoy all the animals they’ll see popping up in their frames. Be on the lookout for echidnas, wombats, kangaroos, and eagles, as well as other animals that can only be found in Tasmania, such as the Tasmanian Devil.

Where To Go in Tasmania for the Best Landscape PhotosWhere To Go in Tasmania for the Best Landscape Photos

Do I need any specific gear?

Where To Go in Tasmania for the Best Landscape PhotosWhere To Go in Tasmania for the Best Landscape Photos

This will largely depend on the kind of photography you’re into. To maximise image quality, we always recommend using a camera with a large image sensor, such as a DSLR or mirrorless camera. Both are great, but for Tasmania photography, mirrorless cameras have a slight advantage as they’re lighter, and therefore, more portable. As the climate can be pretty wet in Tassie, weather-resistant camera gear is recommended, too.

Your lens choice may differ depending on the results you’re after. For landscapes, wide-angle lenses are generally considered essential, but, if you are photographing Tasmania’s wildlife, your best option is a telephoto lens. These lenses make it possible to get much closer to the action, without scaring wildlife away.

Here are some gear ideas for your Tassie trip

Some other essential items that you should pack for Tasmania photography include:

  • A tripod. Tripods work to keep your shots free from blur and to help compose with greater accuracy. While it’s important that there’s a bit of weight to each tripod, there is a wide range of travel-friendly options on the market.
  • A camera bag. You’re going to want to keep your camera gear safe from harm at all times, and this is even more of a concern considering Tasmania’s wetter climate. A camera bag with rain protection is the best option.
  • ND filters, or neutral density filters. Due to all that rainfall, Tasmania’s waterfalls are full and flowing all year round. For waterfall photography, use an ND filter to help you soften the movement of the water, without overexposing your photographs.
  • Spare batteries and memory cards. Although this is not specific for Tasmania, we thought we’d remind you so that you save yourself from missing any shots.
Where To Go in Tasmania for the Best Landscape PhotosWhere To Go in Tasmania for the Best Landscape Photos

While not essential, packing a portable and powerful travel drone is a great option for making the most of your trip, as aerial photography in Tasmania is guaranteed to be breathtaking, plus, you’ll get a unique perspective of the stunning scenery.

Don't forget these essentials

Where to go in Tasmania for the best photography spots

As mentioned, you can pretty much head to any location in Tasmania and find a sensational view to photograph. If you are short on time though, and you’re wondering where to go in Tasmania, here are the places that we recommend visiting:

Where To Go in Tasmania for the Best Landscape PhotosWhere To Go in Tasmania for the Best Landscape Photos
  • Wineglass Bay. If crystal-clear blue water and white sands are on your checklist, this should be your first port of call. It’s got to be one of Tasmania’s most photographed views.
  • Bay of fires. This is not just a cool name, but also a very cool place to take photos. As well as a pristine beach backdrop, this area is known for its incredibly unique orange boulders.
  • Bonorong Wildlife sanctuary. This sanctuary gives you the chance to see native wildlife up close, which is perfect for the aspiring wildlife photographers out there.
  • Port Arthur. Port Arthur is perfect for history buffs. This heritage-listed site has plenty of man-made structures to photograph alongside lush greenery, and you can immerse yourself in some of Australia’s more recent dark history with a guided tour.
  • The Tarkine. As well as being found in a relatively untouched, picturesque area of Tasmania, this national park is home to various rare native species, so it’s a great opportunity for photographers to capture the most brilliant images.

Tasmania is a beautiful travel destination, especially for photographers. Before your trip, shop all the camera gear online or pop into your closest Ted’s Cameras store to get expert advice from our team.

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