Nikon DSLR Camera Roundup - 2024

4 April 2024

Nikon was one of the leading brands when film cameras were the favourites of both novice and professional photographers. With Digital photography now firmly in charge, Nikon has continued to deliver high-quality cameras that suit a range of purposes and users.

We have already taken you through our favourite Nikon lenses to enhance your photography, now here is a roundup to help you discover which DSLR camera is your perfect match.

Nikon D3500

If you are making your first foray into DSLR photography, the Nikon D3500 is the obvious first choice. This camera is simple to use, so if you are coming from a smartphone or Compact Digital Camera background, you will not be too overwhelmed. 

Where this camera separates itself from those smaller format cameras is the image quality it produces, thanks to its APS-C sized image sensor with 24MP of resolution. The D3500 can shoot 5 frames per second in a continuous burst, Full HD resolution video and the ability to quickly and easily transfer images to your phone via its Bluetooth connectivity, and Nikon’s SnapBridge app.

Nikon D5600

Similar to the D3500, the Nikon D5600 will not make beginners feel too far out of their depth as it is very easy to use. This camera also features a 24MP APS-C CMOS sensor which produces sublime images that will completely blow away what you are used to if you are coming from a compact camera background.

The D5600 records Full HD video recording, and it increases its usability for video purposes with the inclusion of a microphone input, so you attach an external microphone and improve your audio quality, and a large 3.2-inch LCD screen which is touch-sensitive and tiltable to enhance the versatility of your framing.

Nikon D7500

Aimed at the enthusiast level of the market, the Nikon D7500 features a stronger body when compared to your average entry-level model and it is also weather-sealed, which means it is a little heavier. At the top of this camera, you will find a top-panel LCD for the quick readout of essential info - this helps when taking manual control of your camera settings. This digital SLR camera features an AF motor built-in, so it is compatible with a wider range of Nikon lenses. 

As well as a 20.0MP APS-C sensor, the Nikon D7500 features fast-paced 8 frames per second continuous shooting and a suitably speedy 51-point AF system. As well as a Microphone input, the D7500 features a headphone port for audio monitoring, so you can really make the use of its 4K resolution video.

Nikon D500

The top of the line DX model from Nikon, the D500 is the strongest and highest-performing Nikon DSLR body you can get, without taking the plunge and going for a full-frame model. The D500 features a 21MP APS-C sensor and an incredibly broad ISO range, which makes it great for shooting in low-light conditions.

This camera extends its leaning to low-light shooting, with its advanced AF system of 153 points being able to find focus in very dim conditions. The D500 can shoot at a whopping 10 frames per second continuous shooting and 4K resolution video, while dual memory card slots are available to help store a quantity of larger files.

Nikon D780

Traditionally, when we think of full-frame DSLR cameras, we picture the hefty cameras that pros are carting around the edges of sporting ovals. With the D780, Nikon has put this idea to rest. The D780 is a versatile body that is just as useful for shooting video as it is for stills; it bolsters a 24.5MP FX-format sensor and 4K resolution video recording. This camera features a fast and accurate 51-point AF system, which borrows algorithms from the pro-level D5 for enhanced performance.

The D780 can shoot 7 frames per second in a continuous burst and is capable of creating time-lapse videos internally. Thankfully, it features dual UHS-II SD card slots to help manage files. Thanks to its built-in WIFi and Bluetooth connectivity, this camera can be controlled remotely with your smartphone and you can also transfer files quickly and easily to this connected device.

Nikon D850

Like previous models in this range, the Nikon D850 manages to do the unthinkable and take low-light performance and speed to unprecedented levels. The D850 features a FX-format sensor with a mammoth 45.7MP resolution, which it pairs with a high-performance EXPEED 5 image processor. The camera has been designed sans optical low-pass filter, which leads to it producing an unbelievable standard of image sharpness and detail when paired with a suitably high-performance Nikon lens. 

The D850 can record videos in UHD 4K as this camera is not just a still-photography tool, while you can lower the resolution to Full HD if you want to unleash faster frame rates and explore slow-motion movies. Physically, the D850 is tough with a rugged build and reliable shutter mechanism, while it features a 3.2-inch touch-sensitive and tilting LCD screen to go with the large and detailed optical viewfinder.

Nikon D6

The Nikon D6 is the flagship camera in the Nikon DSLR range. If you are after the best in image quality and performance for professional-standard results, look no further. Like previous models in this top-tier range, the D6 has a real need for speed, so it is ideal for sports photography. This translates to an amazing 14 frames per second continuous shooting and an advanced AF system which delivers 1.6x more AF coverage and allows users to set a focus point almost anywhere in the frame. The D6 features a 21MP FX-format sensor and it can also record 4K videos.

As you would expect, the Nikon D6 is built tough, with a magnesium alloy build, advanced electromagnetic-shielding and heat-emission qualities, as well as professional-grade weather sealing. Taking into account the camera’s shutter unit is tested to over 400,000 cycles, the D6 is certainly a camera that the most demanding professional can trust to handle their work out in the field.

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