NatGeo Live Photo Comp Winners!

15 December 2016
NatGeo Live Photo Comp Winners!NatGeo Live Photo Comp Winners!

Congratulations to the 8 winners of our NatGeo Live competition!

All winners will be contacted via email to confirm their prize.

  • Natalie O. - I love National Geographic because of the powerful images from all over the world. If a photos is worth a 1000 words, NG photos are worth a million!
  • Dylan C. - As a child, the lenses of the world-traveling photographers, gave me a scope beyond a small, dusty country town, to achieve a life only imagined.
  • Judith M. - I love National Geographic because it's something that my daughter (ten) and I can enjoy together. And the films and images are amazing!
  • Justin M - National Geographic engaged my son from a very young age. Now at 16 he dreams of, one day, becoming a National Geographic photographer.
  • Sarah D. - It excites, inspires me to discover more about the world outside my dreary office. Love to read it on my lunch break for that reason.
  • Dean D. - As a school child I read all of the National Geographic books and at 40 I am still in heaven watching the amazing documentaries.
  • Renee S. - I love the beautiful imagary that National Geographic uses in it's magazines.Down at natures level capturing the beauty of our planet and educating us!
  • Sophie N. - I love national geographic because it transports you to other places with the stunning photos and prodigious articles. I adore the well crafted stories and the great and visually effective media.

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