Must-Have Accessories for Your Canon Camera

12 April 2021

Canon is one of the most popular and successful camera manufacturers on the planet. Their journey started way back in the glory days of film photography and it is still going strong today, with Canon camera models of various types and budgets on offer; this includes compact cameras like the Powershot G range, as well as Mirrorless and DSLR models.


While you can get great results with your Canon camera straight out of the box, to make it really work for you, it can be paired with a huge range of accessories. Let's take a look at some of the Canon accessories that you should consider adding to your camera bag today.

Camera lenses -

If you're the proud owner of a Canon DSLR or Mirrorless camera, you will probably be aware that its usability can be vastly enhanced by making use of the huge range of lenses. Canon's DSLR compatible EF range of lenses is one of the largest on offer, while the EOS M and RF Mirrorless lens ranges are continuously growing.

From landscape-friendly wide-angle lenses to long-reaching telephoto lenses and fast prime lenses, which are best for bokeh, you are sure to find the perfect lens to mount on your Canon camera for creative photographic purposes.

Must-Have Accessories for Your Canon CameraMust-Have Accessories for Your Canon Camera
Must-Have Accessories for Your Canon CameraMust-Have Accessories for Your Canon Camera

Lens Mount adapters -

Lens mount adapters are handy if you are switching between one of Canon's popular interchangeable lens camera systems to another. They allow you to make this big shift to a new system, without the time, effort and money you put into growing your lens collection, going to waste.


The Canon EF to EF-M adapter was hugely popular when Mirrorless first arrived, as it allowed Canon users to enjoy their DSLR lenses on these smaller bodies, while the range of EF-R adapters similarly allows DSLR lenses to be used on the premium full-frame EOS R mirrorless cameras. This is important for using premium lenses and filling any voids that exist in the RF range, while it is still being consolidated.

Teleconverters -

If you want to enhance the magnification and long distant capability of your Canon camera, you don't necessarily need to shell out for a larger telephoto lens; you may be able to use your existing lens with a teleconverter.

Teleconverters increase the magnification of a lens by a set amount, so you can enhance the versatility and reach of your kit on a budget. These handy accessories are not compatible with all lenses, however; they are often only usable with faster and more expensive lenses.

Speedlite flash guns -

Flash lighting is essential for producing consistently well-exposed images, without having to rely on natural light. While photographers of all fields enjoy the powers of flash lighting, it is particularly handy for capturing the best portrait photographs. Canon’s range of flash guns have everything from portable Speedlites, more advanced models with wireless triggering, and ring lights for the best macro photography.

Battery grip -

Battery grips are a great way to enhance the shooting time of your camera, with this increased time using your camera hopefully leading to a greater number of brilliant images. They function by allowing you to insert more than one Battery in your camera, and mean you can be away from electricity for a longer period without calling an end to your shoot.

Must-Have Accessories for Your Canon CameraMust-Have Accessories for Your Canon Camera

Battery grips are made specifically for certain camera models and as well as an increase in power they also provide greater comfort and support for shooting in the portrait, or vertical orientation.

Must-Have Accessories for Your Canon CameraMust-Have Accessories for Your Canon Camera

Spare battery -

Having a spare battery in your camera bag can mean the difference between taking a once in a lifetime shot, and not. Quite simply, a spare battery is ready to power up your device when the battery in your camera goes flat. It saves you from having to stop your shooting to charge up your battery as regularly, making it a must-have accessory for travel. Just be sure you charge up all of your batteries at the end of the day, so you have plenty of power for the next day of shooting. 

AC adapter -

An AC adapter is the perfect accessory if you want to shoot for prolonged periods, such as when you are tethered shooting in a studio, or live streaming. With these products, you can run your camera on AC power, rather than relying on the lithium battery. They are not available for all cameras, and you will usually need to purchase the AC adapter and separately available DC coupler for your camera to get started.

Microphones -

Microphones are an essential addition to your kit if you are filming video with your Canon camera. Your Canon camera has the visual side of your vlog or cinematic endeavour covered, but it will need a little help if you are aiming for more professional quality audio. Microphones come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so check out our buying guide if you need help making your purchase.

Remote controls -

By allowing you to fire the shutter of your camera without physically touching it, remote controls open up more advanced shooting techniques with your camera. This lack of contact at the point of shooting drastically reduces the occurrence of camera shake and it also frees up your hands and allows you to get in front of the camera, making it an obvious choice for capturing self portraits that you will love. For best results, your camera should be mounted on a tripod when using a remote control.

Must-Have Accessories for Your Canon CameraMust-Have Accessories for Your Canon Camera

Your best photography is just one accessory away

While a huge kit of gear does not instantly make you a better photographer, having the right accessories can help to improve your skills and overall, the quality of your work.

Our photography blog is regularly updated with practical tips and gear advice; check back regularly for more inspiration, or head into your local Ted’s store today to discuss your options today.

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