Lenspen Guide

25 November 2013

About This Video

James from Ted's Cameras compares the features and benefits of the LensPen range.


James: Hi! I’m James and welcome to Get Teducated, If like me you’re very pedantic about keeping your gear clean and in top condition, it’s worth having a look at the LensPen.

The Lenspen is a fantastic compact cleaning tool perfect for all types of lenses including binoculars, spotting scopes, telescopes eyepieces and of course all camera lenses. Being such a neat, single piece cleaning kit means you don’t even have to think about carrying around cleaning solutions and microfiber cloths, just slip it down the side of your camera bag or even in a pocket and you’re all set!

It comes with a retractable brush on one end, which you’ll use first to brush away any dust or grit, and a special non-liquid cleaning element which you then use to polish the glass. As there’s no fluid involved in this unique carbon compound used on the polishing tip, you don’t need to worry about it drying out or being affected by temperatures, which is why it’s got such a long life – you can expect your LensPen to last around 500 cleanings each.

It’s simple, it’s compact and fits easily into your pocket. A LensPen is a must have accessory.

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