Christmas Gifts For The DSLR/Mirrorless User

22/11/2017 2:21 pm

Christmas Gifts

Buying Christmas presents can be hard, especially if the person you’re buying for is a photographer.
The jargon and technical details can be confusing, aperture, focal length, guide number… It’s almost enough to make you give up and buy a gift hamper :-(

But don’t be discouraged, Ted’s is here to help!
We’ve put together a list of surefire gifts that your special someone is bound to love.

Flashes & Speedlights

Flashes & Speedlites

Are you tired of the flat, washed out, boring looking photos produced by your camera’s built in flash? Using an external flash is an easy and affordable way to improve the quality of your lighting without the red-eye and ugly shadows that we usually associate with on camera flash.

Flashes are available for all brands of DSLR, Mirrorless and some advanced compact cameras. With basic versions starting from $200 and up to $1200 for specialised macro/close-up equipment, there are flashes available for every budget and shooting style.

Luckily the major camera makers have made it incredibly simple. If you camera has a flash hotshoe on the top, it can use virtually every flash that the brand makes.


The kit lens that came with your camera is great for getting started in photography, but as your photography develops you may feel restricted by the limited features of a standard zoom. Luckily there is an almost unlimited range of options available for the modern photographer, with lenses for every type of photography around.

Here’s a short rundown of lenses that you might look at after your kit lens.


Tele-Photo Zoom:

Perfect for sports and long distance photography, this type of lens is perfect for zooming in on the action. The simple rule of thumb is the higher the "mm", the more "zoom" you get.

Up to 200mm is fine for medium distances (wedding chapels & kid's sports), 300mm is better if you can't get as close to the action and 400-600mm is ultra-zoom territory (great for wildlife or shooting acroos a big footy field).   

Travel Lenses:

The great all-rounder, the travel lens or "super-zoom" is 2 or even 3 lenses in one. Offering wide angle for landscapes, mid-zoom for portraits and tele-photo for long distance, they're perfect for holidaying people that don’t like changing lenses, or those who want to travel light.

External Microphones

Even the most basic Camera can shoot Full HD video, but if you’ve ever watched video on YouTube, you’ve probably noticed that the sound is anything but HD…

That’s where an external mic comes in, just plug one of these into your DSLR and you’ll be amazed at the difference. Lapel mic’s, zoom mic’s and stereo mic’s all offer different features that will take your videography to a new level.

High-Speed Memory Cards

The average person probably doesn’t think about the speed of their memory cards, but when it comes to HD video, Full HD or even 4K video, you’re basic cards just won’t cut it.

Made to be weather resistant, durable and lightning fast, the Sandisk Extreme memory cards are essential if you want to be able to use your camera’s full range of features.

Available in standard SDHC and Micro SDHC. Sandisk makes memory cards to suit every camera on the market.



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