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Flickr Friday - Water

10 February 2017 3:21:19 PM AEDT

This weekend marks the 179th Royal Hobart Regatta, a great tradition and Australia's oldest public holiday. In celebration of this day of fun on the water, this weeks Flickr Friday theme is "Water"

From thunder storms to ocean spray and dramatic coasts to serene lakes, Australia has always had a love affair with water in all it's forms water.
We've selected a range of images of water in all it's forms, natural, man made, massive or macro, there's something to please every taste.

We hope these images entertain you and inspire you to create your own water themed images. If it does, why not share them with the community by posting them on Facebook or Instagram and tagging #FeatureMeTeds :-)

Flickr Friday

Alexander Boden

Flickr Friday

Joseph Sakalak

Flickr Friday - Aussie Christmas

Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office

Flickr Friday

Cuba Gallery

Flickr Friday

Jared Chartrand

Cuba Gallery


Flickr Friday

Joan G.G.

M. Alberich Mathews

Flickr Friday

Anthony Lau


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