Drone Roundup - Part Three

18/06/2017 2:29 PM

Today we're looking at the incredible DJI Mavic Pro. In my opinion, it's biggest selling point is exactly what we've demonstrated here, it's small size.

The Mavic Pro's camera has a slightly narrower field of view to the Phantom 4, but it does have the same high 4K 30fps video quality you can expect from the Phantom 4 Standard version. You'll still find the same camera gimbal, GPS and collision avoidance systems from the Phantom 4 , as well as the more advanced Vision system from the Phantom 4 Pro, with backwards facing sensors The Mavic Pro similar 27 minute max flight time, and 7 kilometre max range.

Even the Mavic Pro's controller is amazingly tiny, folding away to something that's still only about the size of a mobile phone power bank. Yet despite being packed full of the latest technology, the Mavic Pro is the drone that you can actually take with you anywhere, like you would a compact camera, just in case a cool video opportunity arises. In my opinion this makes it so much more usable than models like the Phantom, because for something of the Phantom's size you really need to plan ahead as you'll have to be carrying it around in either a large backpack or the protective box it comes with, so unless you've specifically organised a shoot, it's likely to end up staying at home more often than not.

Well that's all for now, make sure you check out our other DJI Phantom and Kaiser Baas drone video reviews. If you want to find out more , pop into store and see myself or any of our expert staff for all of your camera advice. Stay updaTED by following Ted's on Facebook and Instagram, and join ClubTed on our website to receive discounts in store and online. Remember, there's not much that we don’t know to help you capture life.


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