Christmas Gifts For The iPhone/Android Photographer

14 December 2015 2:02:01 PM AEDT

Christmas Gifts For The iPhone/Android Photographer

The Selfie Stick:

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past couple of years, you will be well aware of the selfie stick. Love it or hate it, the selfie stick is here to stay and it’s actually pretty handy.

As well as allowing you to take great selfies, they help you see over crowds, around corners and into hard to reach places. Available in a range of colours and sizes, there’s a selfie stick for every style and personality.

Olloclip Lenses:

While iPhone image quality and resolution has improved massively over the past few years, sadly the lens on most phones is still completely lacking a zoom or wide angle features, luckily Olloclip is here to help. There maybe other alternatives out there, but if build quality and sharp images are important to you Olloclip is definitely the way to go.

Available for a wide range of phones, the Olloclip is available in 3in1, 4in1, Macro and Active versions.

Check out the full range HERE

External Microphone

Even the most basic phone can shoot Full HD video, but if you’ve ever watched video on YouTube, you’ve probably noticed that the sound is anything but HD…

That’s where an external mic comes in, just plug one of these into your phone and that hollow crackly sound will be taken to another level.

Zoom mic's, lavalier mic's and even studio quality XY mic's are available to suit a range of budgets HERE


For some reason most phones have one size of storage and that’s it, if you’re snapping away on holiday, with nowhere to download your photos, your only option used to be deleting photos, but Sandisk has come to the rescue with their great range of iPhone and Android thumb drives and WiFi drives. Just plug it into the charging port or connect via WiFi and you can double or even quadruple your phone’s storage!

Find out about the full range of Sandisk memory solutions HERE

A Camera (sort of)

Experience high end camera quality images and features all through the familiar screen of your phone. The Sony QX offers a new way of taking photos with your smartphone, it's a camera lens and sensor that connects to your phone wirelessly allowing you to turn your mobile device into a full featured camera. No compromises, no delay and stunning photos in the most difficult shooting conditions.

Your high-quality photos are instantly ready to edit and share with friends and family directly from your phone with all your favourite editing and sharing apps.

Find out how you can transform your smartphone into a truly high end camera HERE


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