Christmas Gifts For The Adventurer/Sportsperson

17 November 2015 2:34:24 PM AEDT

Christmas Gifts For The Adventurer/Sportsperson

GoPro Hero:

GoPro kicked off the action camera revolution by showing the world you can squeeze HD video and a quality lens into a tough and tiny body.

Stripped back to a bare minimum, no viewfinder, no screen and minimal control buttons. the GoPro is now available in half a dozen versions, from the tiny HERO Session to the the top of the line 4K HERO 4 Black.

Time lapse, friendly features, and easy connectivity (WiFi & Bluetooth), make this the perfect choice for capturing your cycling, running, surfing and skiing adventures.

Tough Cameras:

For people that still want a fully featured camera with all the controls that we’ve grown accustomed to, there is a huge range of “tough” camera to choose from.

Leading the pack for years, Olympus is a great brand to start with. The TG4 s the latest in a long line of Olympus Tough cameras, built to withstand the most punishing conditions, the TG-4 is waterproof to 15M, crushproof to 100kg and shockproof from drops up to 2M. As well as the rugged build quality that Olympus has become famous for, the TG-4 also ups the ante with class leading image quality and the previously unheard of ability (in shockproof cameras) to record images in the RAW format, allowing photographers more flexibility in post processing and editing of their images.


Capture the action from new and exciting angles with a Drone camera, fly above buildings and across the water with one of the many different models available.

With video quality ranging from regular standard definition all the way up to super professional 4K Hi-Def, there are models available for beginner to advanced videographers.

Prices start from only $150, which means anyone can afford to take their photography and videography to new heights.

Fast Memory

The average person probably doesn’t think about the speed of their memory cards, but when it comes to HD video, Full HD or even 4K video, you’re basic cards just won’t cut it.

Made to weather resistant, durable and lightning fast, the Sandisk Extreme memory cards are essential if you want to be able to use your camera’s full range of features.

Available in standard SDHC, Micro SDHC and CF card. Sandisk makes memory to suit every camera on the market.

Float Straps:

It doesn’t matter how good your camera is, if it’s lost at the bottom of the ocean, it won’t be much good to you.

That’s why we always recommend a floating strap for your action camera, whether you’re in the middle of the ocean or on the edge of the swimming pool, you can rest easy knowing that if you drop your camera, it will happily float to the surface. It’s that simple :-)


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