10 Steps To Take a Good Christmas Card Photo

8 December 2021

With the colder months gone and summer fast approaching, it can only mean one thing: Christmas is just around the corner! With plenty of time left to get your shopping done and organise your Christmas lunch menus, we’re here with some tips on how you can add your personal touch to this year’s festivities.

If you’re about to get started on your Christmas card list, why not do something different this year? Making personalised Christmas cards to send to your loved ones is a great way of capturing some great photos of your family, as well as making your Christmas cards unique and special to you. And it’s super easy to do! Here’s everything you need to create the perfect family photo cards and a few of Ted’s tips and tricks thrown in for some extra Christmas magic.

#1 Use a high-quality camera

If you’re wondering how to take a Christmas card photo, let’s start with the obvious: you’re going to need a proper camera. For the best quality photos, a mirrorless camera is a great choice. These cameras are ideal for portraits and family photos, thanks to their large image sensor and compatibility with various high-quality lenses. These lenses are not only sharp and available in an array of different focal lengths or fields of view, but they also make it easier to produce brilliant bokeh.

10 Steps To Take a Good Christmas Card Photo10 Steps To Take a Good Christmas Card Photo

#2 Don't forget the festive touches

This will probably not come as a revelation, but the best Christmas cards have a festive theme. Think festive decorations, food, clothes or accessories. Get creative and have fun with it! Why not brainstorm a couple of Christmas card ideas with a couple of members of the party beforehand so you can come up with fun, festive Christmas photos you’d like to capture together.

10 Steps To Take a Good Christmas Card Photo10 Steps To Take a Good Christmas Card Photo

#3 Get the whole family involved

Yes, we mean everyone, including your feathered and furred friends too with your best pet photography. Part of the fun of DIY cards is putting your personality on show and funny family Christmas photos are often the best!

#4 Use artificial lighting...

Wondering what the key is to produce consistently bright and vibrant photos? Much of it has to do with lighting. Artificial lighting allows you to create your Christmas card images at any time of the day and not rely on the sun to work its magic. When used correctly, it also reduces any harsh shadows from appearing on faces, which is often a hallmark of natural light. There are a variety of options when it comes to artificial lighting, flash or constant. Flash is often more powerful and suitable for various creative purposes, while constant lighting is easier to use for beginners, as well as more user-friendly.

#5 … Or make the most of the sun!

If it’s dark inside and you don’t have a flash, head outdoors to embrace the power of the sun. We love the light at golden hour which occurs just after sunrise or before sundown and is usually the most flattering natural light available. Learning to understand the direction of the light and how it can enhance your photos is also a great tool to have!

10 Steps To Take a Good Christmas Card Photo10 Steps To Take a Good Christmas Card Photo

#6 Go filter-free

Skip the fancy filters this year and show your friends and family the real you, the one they know and love. That is not to say all editing should be avoided. Follow our basic photo edits which include exposure, contrast and sharpening adjustments, as well as cropping and straightening for the best results.

10 Steps To Take a Good Christmas Card Photo10 Steps To Take a Good Christmas Card Photo

#7 Use a tripod

No matter what camera and lens combo you go with, you can drastically improve your results by using a few basic accessories, such as a tripod. A tripod is a must for keeping your shots steady and blur-free. They also help you to get involved in the photos yourself. The good news is tripods are not just available for dedicated cameras but can also be used to improve your smartphone photography.

#8 Get in the shots!

If you are both the photographer and one of the subjects of your Christmas card photos, avoid the mad dash with a self-timer and purchase a simple, handheld camera remote control. This can be discreetly hidden in your hand and engaged when the moment is just right, so you can capture the Christmas themed selfies you have always dreamed of.

#9 Use instant photography

Instant photography produces an undeniable charm and aesthetic that sits nicely with the homely feel that we associate with Christmas. Many Christmas morning memories have been captured with an instant camera over the years, so why not continue the tradition? Certain models offer a reprint functionality that allows you to print multiple copies of one photo in minutes, making them the perfect choice for your personalised Christmas cards!

#10 Consider your printing options

When you’re ready to print your photos you can either use a professional printing service, such as that offered by Ted’s or print them yourself at home. If you're printing at home, an inkjet printer and high-quality photographic paper work well. Or you can use a stand-alone instant printer, such as the new Fujifilm Instax Wide printer. This printer features Bluetooth connectivity and allows you to edit your images, add emojis or frames, all from a dedicated app.

10 Steps To Take a Good Christmas Card Photo10 Steps To Take a Good Christmas Card Photo

Ted’s printing service is available both online and in-store, offers a range of popular sizes and high-quality results.

You will find all the camera equipment you need to take the best Christmas card photos online at Ted’s Cameras. For additional support, visit your local Ted’s store to get expert advice from Ted’s staff.

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