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Juxtaposition is a common term that is used in many art forms, in painting, writing, sculpture and more. Chances are, you have already used it in some way in your photography. But what is it? ...  Read More
Yellow has been Ted's colour from day one, for our 48th birthday we're celebrating everything Yellow! ...  Read More
Packing for any trip can be very difficult. Photographers have it even harder, always struggling to find the perfect balance of weight and functionality ...  Read More
This infographic explains the basic types of binoculars, their common features and gives some tips on what to consider when buying binoculars. ...  Read More
Join Ted's and professional photographer David Harradine on our 2018 Bali photo trip, as we spend 12 nights touring the countless wonders of this beautiful province, honing our photographic skills at these stunning and picturesque locations. ...  Read More