“The Decisive Moment” was a term coined by the pioneer of street photography, Henri Cartier-Bresson. During his time, photography was still a relatively new art medium and it wasn’t taken seriously. Furthermore, photographers were often criticised for not having the same discipline and creativity as traditional artists as photographers can create their images in a matter of seconds, not hours.

This month we celebrate the decisive moment with our #TedsInTheMoment photo comp. We want to see how you capture the world, the highs, the lows, moments of action & joy! ...  Read More

Shooting in cold weather presents problems for both photographers and their equipment.
In his latest article for Australian Geographic Ted's Master Andrew Peacock shares his essential tips on cold weather photography. ...  Read More

I’m an unabashed fan of wide-angle lenses. That is a lens with an equivalent focal length of 35mm or wider. They can be used to tell a story so well. They can also emphasize the space that is already around you or suggest an illusion of space in your surroundings in small spaces.

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Drones, quadcopters, UAV’s or whatever you want to call them, they’re here and they’re great!

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past year, you've probably noticed that drones are becoming a pretty big thing.

While drones may seem scary or pointless to some people, for photographers they've opened up an entirely new world of photography, that until now was the exclusive realm of professional photographers or extremely wealthy amateurs.

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Buying Christmas presents can be hard, especially if the person you’re buying for is a photographer. The jargon and technical details can be confusing, aperture, focal length, guide number… It’s almost enough to make you give up and buy a gift hamper :-(

But don’t be discouraged, Ted’s is here to help!

From DSLR’s to iphones, we’ve a put together a list of surefire gifts that your special someone is bound to love.

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