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In today's “right now” digital world, all to often the value, luxury and longevity of the printed image is forgotten and replaced with a USB or hard drive of photos that sits in a folder on your computer or in your drawer never to be fully appreciated. ...  Read More
Ted's Cameras and Canon Australia partnered with Ted's Master Andrew Peacock again, to give ClubTed members an exclusive VIP night. ...  Read More
This month will mark what would have been Ansel Easton Adams 115th birthday, a name that defines landscape photography and pre-photoshop editing mastery. ...  Read More

Prior to digital cameras, Black and White (B&W) photography was as simple a process as dropping a roll of B&W film into your camera and you could just start snapping.

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Yay! You did it! Your back from your holiday and you have got the perfect shot! The light was just right, the angle was perfect, you edited to bring out just the right amount of texture/contrast/colour, and your subject wasn’t blinking. So…now what?
Some images are just too good to languish away on a hard drive or decorating your Facebook page; no they should be printed, mounted and/or framed.

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