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Congratulations to Ben and Michelle, winners of our Tina Arena Canon photo competition! They both scored media photo passes for the QLD Tina Arena concert! ...  Read More
In today's “right now” digital world, all to often the value, luxury and longevity of the printed image is forgotten and replaced with a USB or hard drive of photos that sits in a folder on your computer or in your drawer never to be fully appreciated. ...  Read More
Ever wondered what it takes to be a professional AFL photographer? In today's article, Ted's Master Michael Willson, takes you behind the scenes at the AFL Grand Finals! ...  Read More
Have you tried light painting, night photos or those great fun sparkler photos but they were blurry or they just didn’t seem to work for some reason? In our interactive Light Painting and Night Shots workshop, we’ll teach you the skills and show you how to create spectacular and creative light painting and night photos. ...  Read More
Join Ted's & Canon for a money can't buy photography experience, with exclusive access to photograph the Tina Arena "Innocence to Understanding" tour. Enter your best Music or Performance images for your chance to win one of two exclusive media passes, with the guidance of a Canon Ambassador and access to the best Canon camera gear. ...  Read More