Bokeh, you've probably heard about it, or even read one of our posts on how to create it. This week, our Flickr Friday round-up is all about the Bokeh.

Bokeh is defined as the aesthetic quality of the blur produced in the out-of-focus parts of an image produced by a lens. If that sounds a bit complicated, it's that nice soft blurry background that you often see in professional portraits, or the circular swirls in background lights.

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After a huge month on submissions and sorting through almost 1500 stunning images, we finally have a winner for our October "Something Blue" photo competition! Check out the incredible winning image and a few of our favourite entries from the past month, did you make it on the list??? ...  Read More

“The Decisive Moment” was a term coined by the pioneer of street photography, Henri Cartier-Bresson. During his time, photography was still a relatively new art medium and it wasn’t taken seriously. Furthermore, photographers were often criticised for not having the same discipline and creativity as traditional artists as photographers can create their images in a matter of seconds, not hours.

This month we celebrate the decisive moment with our #TedsInTheMoment photo comp. We want to see how you capture the world, the highs, the lows, moments of action & joy! ...  Read More

Congratulations to @shaun.clancy , winner of Ted's August Black & White Photo competition! Check out his great image and a few of our favourite entries from the past month, did you make it on the list??? ...  Read More

This month we've done something different for our photo competition, instead of a literal theme (sports, wildlife, landscape etc.), we've opted for something more creative.

We've asked you to show us your "Different Perspective", we want to see how you view the world. Whether it's a birdseye view, fisheye or any view your imagination can conjure up, we want to see it :-)

To help you along, this weeks Flickr Friday is all about different perspectives, we've searched the web for images to inspire you and spark your creativity.
So have a look, be inspired and join the fun.

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