As everyone knows, yesterday was Australia Day, a day for us to celebrate harmony, diversity, and unity as a nation.

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“The Decisive Moment” was a term coined by the pioneer of street photography, Henri Cartier-Bresson. During his time, photography was still a relatively new art medium and it wasn’t taken seriously. Furthermore, photographers were often criticised for not having the same discipline and creativity as traditional artists as photographers can create their images in a matter of seconds, not hours.

This month we celebrate the decisive moment with our #TedsInTheMoment photo comp. We want to see how you capture the world, the highs, the lows, moments of action & joy! ...  Read More

Once again, with the support of Canon Australia, the Ted's Fountain Gate team have held another successful Canon Lens Day. This was all about macro and the use of speedlights with close up capabilities. Having this on the weekend of Ted's huge "Friday the 13th" lens sale was perfect timing for photographers to test some lenses in the real world and grab some great deals!

If you happened to miss out on this event, don't worry, there are more to come :-) Just make sure you follow Ted's on Facebook HERE, or sign up to our mailing list HERE to get exclusive invites to these great FREE events.

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This year the Chinese New Year falls on February 8th (this Monday). It is the Year of the Fire Monkey according to Chinese zodiac the Monkey possesses such character traits as curiosity, mischievousness, and cleverness.

Chinese New Year is a great opportunity to have some fun and take some great photos, with brightly coloured clothes, dynamic dragon dancers and fireworks on the streets in your local ChinaTown. You'd be mad not to get out their with your camera and join the fun :-)

For a little inspiration, this week we've selected a beautiful bunch of images, showcasing the exciting and energetic scenes of Chinese New Year's of the past.

So as always, enjoy the pic's, take some photos and make sure you share your thoughts in the comments section.

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Black & White photography has always held a special place in my heart, ever since the first time I saw the little square prints from my grandad's Box Brownie, I've been fascinated by the way black, white and shades of grey can be used in the creative process.
B&W is a major part of how I take photos and I couldn’t imagine my photography without it.

This week we've collected a range of different B&W images, covering a variety of subjects and styles. ...  Read More