Just when we thought it couldn't get any harder to pick a winner, this months entries absolutely blew the judges away. With themes ranging from animals to astrophotography, we've sifted through over 1400 images to bring you our three top picks... Did you make the cut??? ...  Read More
The following 6 steps are not new or ground breaking, they are more fundamental actions that often get forgotten, overlooked or simply aren’t known through inexperience but they are actions you need to take in order to shoot and sell great quality images your clients will want to buy or just beautiful photos for your family and friends. ...  Read More
Shooting in cold weather presents problems for both photographers and their equipment.
In his latest article for Australian Geographic Ted's Master Andrew Peacock shares his essential tips on cold weather photography. ...  Read More
Ted's Cameras are proud to be sponsoring the 2016 Photo Shootout. Launched this week at Ted's Camera Stores in Maroochydore. The Photo Shootout is a weekend long photography festival and competition designed to bring the photography community together for a weekend of fun and adventure, celebrating our art and passion. ...  Read More

I often find myself having a tough time deciding whether I prefer an image in colour or black & white. One of the best pieces of advice I was given whilst studying photography is colour can be a distraction. In the early days of photography there was no choice between colour or black & white, now days with the advanced post production options available we have the choice of colours, filters and tones to change the way an image looks and feels. It’s important to note not all subjects are fit for black and white. Particular subjects rely on colour for impact and interpretation. Below I have listed some helpful hints to assist in creating the perfect black and white photograph.

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