Compact System Cameras

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These days a lot of DSLR and Compact System cameras are purchased by families with young children. These cameras are purchased because people want to get great shots of their kids, but once the camera arrives on your doorstep, how do you use it?

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Once again, with the support of Canon Australia, the Ted's Fountain Gate team have held another successful Canon Lens Day. This was all about macro and the use of speedlights with close up capabilities. Having this on the weekend of Ted's huge "Friday the 13th" lens sale was perfect timing for photographers to test some lenses in the real world and grab some great deals!

If you happened to miss out on this event, don't worry, there are more to come :-) Just make sure you follow Ted's on Facebook HERE, or sign up to our mailing list HERE to get exclusive invites to these great FREE events.

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Wait… not really.

I just happen to think they’re mostly unnecessary for the average tourist, or family picnic scenario. Every time I see folks out shooting sunsets or gatherings with these giant DSLR’s and telephoto lenses, I just think… “look, life could be easier for you and your hand right now, in this moment”.
The game has changed and the power available in smaller-bodied mirror less cameras has made the need for DSLR’s mostly redundant for the average happy snapper, and, even some professionals.

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Buying presents can be hard, especially if the person you’re buying for is a photographer. The jargon and technical details can be confusing, aperture, focal length, guide number… It’s almost enough to make you give up and buy a gift hamper :-(

But don’t be discouraged, Ted’s is here to help!

From DSLR’s to iphones, we’ve a put together a list of surefire gifts that your special someone is bound to love.

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