The Best Canon Cameras for Beginners in 2021

18/03/2021 6:20 am

Whether you need a camera to take travel photos of a once in a lifetime journey, or snapshots of your kids as they grow, we all start our photographic journey with the same goal of capturing great photographs with minimal effort. Canon understands that individual needs are important, which is why they offer beginner-friendly cameras in different budgets, sizes and with differing feature sets. 


Today we will help you decide which Canon camera is best for you to start out with by highlighting some of the beginner-friendly models that are currently on the market.

The Canon IXUS range of cameras have been popular in the entry-level compact range for many years and the Ixus 190keeps this trend going. The Ixus 190 is a tiny and lightweight camera that will fit comfortably in your shirt pocket and can quickly be called upon to capture snapshots without a moment’s notice. It is also notable for being an incredibly simple camera to use - you really only need to point and shoot. 


Despite its simplicity, the IXUS 190 will excite and impress with its 20MP sensor and resulting image quality, as well as its 10x optical zoom lens means you can get a tighter view of your subject, without this quality falling away. A large 2.7-inch LCD screen can be found at the rear so you can aptly frame your stills and HD videos, while built-in WiFi and NFC are available for fast and easy image sharing.

The Best Canon Beginner-friendly Cameras in 2021




Canon Powershot cameras are generally for those that want something compact and basic, that can explore different styles of photography if the user desires. The Powershot SX740, which we are looking at today is a fine example of this, thanks to its huge 40x optical zoom range; this long zoom makes this pocketable camera a favourite for travel. The SX740HS includes a 20.3MP CMOS sensor and 10 frames per second continuous shooting, which provides users with the opportunity of capturing multiple shots of their subject and choosing their favourite later for printing or sharing.

Other important features of this compact camera include a 180-degree tilting LCD screen which is perfect for turning the lens on yourself for well composed self portraits, 4k video, and WiFi connectivity - this allows you to share your results quickly.

The next camera is the Canon EOS M200, which is a mirrorless camera - this means you can change lenses  and experience a broader spectrum of photography, without carting around a large and bulky kit. The portability of this camera is all the more impressive when you consider its large 24MP APS-C image sensor - this combines with Canon’s Digic 8 processor to provide fantastic image quality, even when you are shooting in low light scenarios. 


Great for modern users, the EOS M200 can record 4K videos, while being an entry-level model, plenty of automation is available, so you can start capturing great results right out of the box. For framing photos and videos of various styles, including selfies, the EOS M200 includes a touch-sensitive and tilting LCD screen, while built-in WiFI, NFC and Bluetooth connectivity is available; this doesn’t just allow you share your files quickly but also control your camera remotely for more advanced photographic techniques.

The Best Canon Beginner-friendly Cameras in 2021




The last model we will look at today is the Canon EOS 1500D, an entry-level DSLR camera, which like the EOS M200, features a 24MP APS-C sized sensor. DSLR cameras tend to be a little on the bulkier side but there is nothing to be afraid of; the EOS 1500D is notable for its built-in feature guide, which will talk you through taking great photos in a range of scenarios. 

A great option for students, this camera is compatible with many different lenses and is perfect for understanding the manual side of photography. The Canon EOS 1500D can record Full HD videos, while it includes built-in WiFi and NFC connectivity for image sharing and remote control functionality. Canon’s creative filters are included in the EOS 1500D - these are great for adding flare and character to your shots, without being experienced in photo editing.

Take that crucial first step with Canon today

As you can see, Canon offers something for every budding photographer. Keep an eye out for our other Canon product roundups to learn more about their extensive range.

If you’d like to have a closer inspection of one of the camera’s we have discussed today, feel free to head into your local Ted’s store.


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