Black Rapid RS7 Curve Strap

25 November 2013

About This Video

James from Ted's Cameras covers the features and benefits of the Black Rapid RS7 Curve Strap.


Hi! I’m James and welcome to Get Teducated, today I’m going to discuss The Black Rapid RS-7 Curve.

The RS-7 Curve’s padded strap is lightly curved to fit ergonomically over your left shoulder meaning it’s been designed specifically for right handed shooters. The RS-7 is also set up for BlackRapid’s extensive mod system which includes the Joeys cases (image), the Bert extension strap (image) and the Brad stabilising strap (image)

Let’s go through the setup process...

  • First attach the Fastener to the tripod mount hole
  • Next attach the carabineer style Connector to the Fastener on your camera and secure by rotating the sleeve.
  • Now using your Connector as leverage tighten the Fastener until the rubber washer expands.
  • To adjust the strap locate the adjuster on the back of the strap
  • Tilt it toward the pad and then pull on the tail of the strap to shorten it or pull on the main part of the strap to lengthen it.
  • It also has two locking bumpers; one on the front and one on the back – these will limited the range of the cameras gliding motion.
  • Once you’ve properly adjusted your Curve strap it should sit comfortably on your shoulder and the camera should hang just below your hip

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