Reasons to Get Down – The Benefits of Low Angle Photography

14/09/2020 7:45 am

When you first become interested in photography there are so many things to consider, from your subject matter to the correct settings necessary to capture a good exposure. The last thing on your mind is how you stand and hold your camera when you are framing your pictures.


To encourage you to be more creative with your approach to composition, here's a few simple reasons that shooting from a low angle can improve the impact of your images.

The Hero Image



Getting down so low that your camera lens must be pointed up to frame your subject, will automatically make that subject seem of higher importance. This may be purely psychological, but it has been used to stunning effect by photographers in the past, who have reserved this technique to frame everything from models to mundane objects. 


It makes objects appear taller and more imposing, which is particularly interesting if those objects are usually viewed from above.

The Benefits of shooting from a low angle

Less intimidating for smaller models

The Benefits of shooting from a low angle



Our first instinct when we photograph smaller models, such as children or pets, is to tower above them and point our camera down. If they are already a little camera shy, this approach is only going to emphasise that feeling.


By getting down to their level, you make these smaller models feel a little more at ease, which helps them to act naturally and results in a more relaxed feel to your images. Getting down to ground level is common for children and pet photographers.

A unique perspective



For most of us, it has been a long time since we got down in the dirt and looked up at the sky. Amongst the sea of images taken at eye level, your images from different angles with resulting interesting shapes and distorted lines will be jarring.

People will spend more time taking in your work, as the perspective is far removed from what they are used to in their everyday lives.

The Benefits of shooting from a low angle

Tips for shooting up

The Benefits of shooting from a low angle



Use these tips to make it easier to shoot up from the ground:

  • Use a camera with a tilting LCD screen - this saves you from back pain!
  • Use a tripod - so you can fine-tune your framing with greater ease
  • Consider a wide-angle lens to emphasise the effect

Find your own photographic angle

For more advice to improve your photography skills, from composition tips to gear reviews, keep an eye on our photography blog.


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