Create Photos People Will Want To Buy - Pt 2

10/12/2016 1:53 pm

In "Part One" we covered the first three steps to creating photos people will want to buy, LIGHT, LOCATION & DIRECTION.

In part two we look at TECHNIQUE, EXPRESSION & STORY.

4 - Technique

This section is broken down in to 4 steps that will help improve the look of your images.

  1. Select the lowest ISO you can get away with (QUALITY)
  2. Choose your white balance (Its not always what it is literally)
  3. Choose your aperture setting (CREATIVE)
  4. Dial in your shutter speed to get the correct exposure



IMPORTANT POINT - I recommend to learn how to use MANUAL MODE on your camera so you have a clear understanding of how different settings affect different outcomes. Many cameras now have a live view mode and I encourage you to use this mode when shooting in Manual Mode to check how your photo will look after you have completed setting your camera for that particular shot and before you click the shutter.

5 - Expression

“Without expression your photo is just that, a photo of a subject with a background, that's all.”

So how do we get that expression?

  • Use that great personality of yours
  • Give your subjects a reason to be there - make it real
  • Be true to your style - test your subjects to see what you can get away with but always be respectful
  • Keep your subjects happy - make it fun
  • Show them photos as you go - get their trust and they will do anything you want them to.

6 - Story

Now that you've found the great light and a nice background, you've directed your subject to get the best shot of them, you've got your settings right, you’ve got a great expression from them and you've shot a beautiful photograph of them, what now?

Its now time to ask yourself “what will go with this photo to accompany it as a digital file or in an album?”

IMPORTANT POINT - Telling a story with your photographs is wonderful for family & friends and ESSENTIAL if you're planning on making a living out of photography. Having a story in mind or an idea of how an album will be laid out with your photos is key to selling your work. Without a story your photos are just that, a bunch of great photos…

Be a story teller and change the way the world sees every one of your subjects!

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