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Today we uncover what accessories you should add to your camera bag to make the most of your Canon camera. ...  Read More
Check out our step-by-step guide to shooting, processing & editing images for a vintage look. ...  Read More
Craving a consistent, powerful light for your photos or videos? Get the lowdown between flash vs constant light, and figure out which one is best for you. ...  Read More
Your LinkedIn photo is the first impression you give employers. Read our tips for taking a professional LinkedIn photo that will make you stand out. ...  Read More
From gear recommendations to general advice, read on for our tips for taking better group photos. ...  Read More
Read on to discover our guide to the best Sony lenses in 2021 and work out which camera lens to buy for your Sony this year. ...  Read More
Canon offer beginner-friendly cameras in different budgets, sizes and with differing feature sets - today we take a look at some of these entry-level models. ...  Read More
Take your self-portrait game to the next level, with this guide. Included is how to set up your camera, choose the right accessories and strike a natural pose. ...  Read More
Going viral on TikTok can help you promote and grow your business in a big way. Learn our 10 tips for photographers on TikTok now. ...  Read More
Take a read through our tips on capturing consistent, high-quality sunrise and sunset photographs. ...  Read More
You don’t need a film camera to take grainy, vintage-inspired photos. Find out how toad grain to photos or fix noisy photos with our guide. ...  Read More
Ready to experiment with a new photography style? Find out how tilt-shift photography works, and how to choose the best lens for the job. ...  Read More
f you want to commemorate your next hiking trip with some stunning images, we have compiled everything you need to know. ...  Read More
Film photography may not be the norm anymore, but it never died. Far from it! Read here for our top film photography tips and the best film cameras for beginners and beyond. ...  Read More
Sony's full-frame Mirrorless cameras have taken the world by storm. Here we discuss the key features of the current range to try and uncover which is the right model for you. ...  Read More
Below, we round up the top 5 best buy smartphone gimbals that put the power to shoot cinematic footage straight in the palm of your hand. ...  Read More
With so many gimbals on the market, choosing the best gimbal for your video needs and style can be a challenge. To make things easier, we’ve rounded up our pick of best buy gimbals in 2021. ...  Read More
With the increase in drone popularity, comes an increase in models flooding the market so you may find yourself asking, what drone should I buy? ...  Read More
Today we discuss the differences between Canon macro lenses and find out which one is suitable for each range of Canon camera. ...  Read More
With this roundup, we take a look at Canon’s Speedlite range and try and help you decide on which model is the best fit for you. ...  Read More
As a subject, architecture allows our most significant man-made structures to be inspected and admired, and more importantly their status in the natural world to be discussed. Find out what steps you can take to improve your architectural photography. ...  Read More
Can’t help but admire the night sky? We share the best astronomy binoculars, and how to make the most of your stargazing session. ...  Read More
With the proper accessories and a few precautionary measures taken, your camera will remain in great shape, lasting for many more parties, trips and family outings to come. ...  Read More
Read on to find out which Canon lenses should be on your wishlist if you are looking to capture brilliant bokeh. ...  Read More
Ted's give you a rundown of Canon Powershot G cameras, a range favoured by beginners and professional photographers alike. ...  Read More
If you are not sure which Canon EOS R Mirrorless camera is the right fit for you, this product roundup will make your decision a little easier. ...  Read More
With this roundup, we highlight what is available in the Canon EOS Full-Frame DSLR range, to help you uncover which model is most suitable for you. ...  Read More
From DSLRs to binoculars, find the best gifts for photographers of all ages. ...  Read More
Want to enhance your photography skills & grow your tool kit without breaking the bank? Explore our best cheap photography accessories & shop online. ...  Read More
Find the perfect gift ideas for photographers who love travel, hiking, cooking, or vlogging. Shop the best DSLRs, instant cameras, GoPros & monopods today. ...  Read More
Here on our list of the best 5 cameras for kids, you’ll find something for kids of all ages and skill levels. ...  Read More
Whether you’re looking for compact travel cameras, the best for professional photographers, or a budget camera perfect for beginners, here are Ted’s top picks of the best compact digital cameras currently available. ...  Read More
Looking for the best iPhone accessory gifts? Check out these useful Christmas present ideas for content creators. ...  Read More
Need a gift for an adventure lover? From binoculars & action cameras to GoPros, check out these action-packed gift ideas. Shop online today! ...  Read More
Where do you begin when finding the perfect digital camera for you? Hopefully, this overview of the best Digital Cameras for Photography can shed some light on this for you. ...  Read More
As sophisticated as our smartphones and webcams are, there comes a time when every vlogger needs a standalone camera. ...  Read More
In the market for a new mirrorless camera? Read our top rated picks of the 5 best mirrorless cameras from Nikon, Olympus & more and shop online now. ...  Read More
A DSLR camera is a photographer’s best friend. From the best DSLR for beginners to the best for video, read this guide for our top rated picks. ...  Read More
Looking for the best camcorder in 2021? Ted’s Cameras have you covered! Take a look at our picks for the best video cameras available right now. ...  Read More
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Looking for the best camera bundle? Shop 5 of the best camera bundles at a range of price points: under $1,000, $1,500, $2,000 and more. ...  Read More
Looking for a user-friendly camera that has all the bells and whistles you need to capture incredible images? Here are 5 of the best beginner cameras. ...  Read More
Product photography can be tricky to master. Read our guide on how to take product photos like a pro for your online business. Happy selling! ...  Read More
With the right equipment and some insider knowledge, you can learn how to photograph a sunset so your friends and followers can enjoy the sight with you. Check out our ultimate sunset photography tips. ...  Read More
Capturing the moment can help you relive your story over and over again, so why not take photographs of your proposal? Here are five tips on how to photograph a proposal. ...  Read More
With the right equipment and a little preparation, you can learn to capture great underwater photos. Take a look at our 10 tips to help you out. ...  Read More
We’ve partnered with the professional lifestyle and commercial photographer Gina Milicia to round up the best lifestyle photography tips. ...  Read More
Your pop-up flash may not be able to compete with an external flash gun but you can still use it to create great results and improve as a photographer in the interim. Here's how. ...  Read More
When it comes to printing photos at home, achieving high-quality prints seems impossible, but is it really? Today we have put together three easy ways for you to print your photos at home. ...  Read More
Discover how to choose the right camera bag, which is both practical and stylish, with Ted’s Cameras. ...  Read More
Good lighting can take your photos or videos to the next level and keep them consistent. But which is better, ring light vs. softbox? Read on to find out. ...  Read More
Looking for the best waterproof camera for your next adventure? Ted's Cameras give you a rundown of the most popular underwater cameras in 2021. ...  Read More
Read on to find out which lens will produce the best bokeh on your Mirrorless or DSLR camera. ...  Read More
Today we discuss why you should consider ignoring your LCD screen and peep through your viewfinder for some of your photography ...  Read More
To help you sort find a match to capture your most action-packed moments, here is our roundup of the best adventure cameras in 2021. ...  Read More
Today we take you through some benefits of photographing your subjects from a low angle. Stay tuned for more quick shooting tips. ...  Read More
Whether you are using a DSLR camera or a smartphone, these basic photo editing tips will make sure your photos stand out from the crowd. ...  Read More
To help you discover which Nikon flashgun you need to get more from your photography, take a look at our 2021 product roundup. ...  Read More
From aperture to zoom, this glossary takes you through some of the key terms that you may find in product descriptions of cameras and online photography tutorials. ...  Read More
Below, we’ve put together a guide on how to digitise old photos and negatives, including all the gear you need to do it properly. Read on to discover our top tips. ...  Read More
Read on to discover the pros and cons of digital and film cameras and decide which is best for you. ...  Read More
Sony is at the top of the class in terms of putting together a suitable vlogging kit. Here's how you can start vlogging with Sony. ...  Read More
Read on to discover our top creative macro photography ideas to try at home and start snapping today! ...  Read More
With this roundup, we will cover a kit of lenses you must-have to get the most from your Full-Frame Canon EOS camera. ...  Read More
Learning how to take still photos is a skill that all photographers should master at some point or another. Read our guide to taking beautiful still life photos now! ...  Read More
Whether you already own a camera, or you are in the market for one, here are some examples of available technology that allows high-end cameras to be used as webcams. ...  Read More
Sony's entry-level Mirrorless cameras are some of the most popular models on the market. Here we discuss the key features of the current range to try and uncover which is the right model for you. ...  Read More
From which microphone to use to how to take blur-free videos, discover our top TikTok tips and tricks. ...  Read More
Ready to embrace Christmas in July? Read on for 5 creative winter photography ideas to try this year. ...  Read More
Whether you’re a vlogger or a videographer, learning how to record a voice over is an important skill. Read our guide to voice over recording now! ...  Read More
Want to learn the difference between sRGB and Adobe RGB colour spaces? Read our beginner’s guide now. ...  Read More
With this roundup, we go through the consumer level EOS M range of cameras, and try to uncover which Canon Mirrorless camera is right for you. ...  Read More
With this roundup, we help you discover which Nikon DSLR camera is your perfect match. ...  Read More
Keen to try a creative FaceTime photoshoot? Read on to discover our 6 top tips for nailing a long-distance photoshoot. ...  Read More
Read on to find out why you should use lens filters and which ones to choose for your camera lenses. ...  Read More
Thankfully, you don’t need top of the line professional live streaming equipment to achieve a quality stream - just your phone, a few accessories and a bit of forward thinking. Read on to discover our top tips for live streaming from your phone. ...  Read More
From lifestyle tips to the best video conferencing equipment, read on to learn how to make your home office more productive now. ...  Read More
Read on to discover our favourite tools, tips, and tricks for well-lit videos and live streams. ...  Read More
Capturing texture in photos is a great way to add depth & complexity to your images. Read our guide to texture photography & start taking striking images now! ...  Read More
Whether you are planning to improve your home videos, or make your directorial debut, here are 5 tips to have you shooting better video. ...  Read More
Read on to discover what minimalist photography is and how can you achieve this photography style on your next shoot. ...  Read More
If you want to make sure the audio of your videos is as crystal clear as the visual components have a look at our microphone buying guide. ...  Read More
Read on for our top 6 essential flat lay photography tips, from which props to use to how to set up your tripod. ...  Read More
What is colour theory, and how can it be applied to photography? Read on to discover the answers and more. ...  Read More
Australia has a large population of beautiful birds and the best part is, they often come to visit in our front yards. Here are our 5 tips that you can use to master bird photography from your home. ...  Read More
From which settings to use to the best drones for aerial photography, discover our top real estate drone photography tips below. ...  Read More
From the best photo editing workflow to our pick of photo editing programs, read our top tips below. ...  Read More
Whether as a hobby or for professional purposes, successfully photographing an interior space is a tricky business. ...  Read More
Below, we’ve rounded up 5 creative indoor photography ideas to keep your kids busy and entertained while quarantining. ...  Read More
Read on for our pick of the 3 best buy gimbals for mirrorless cameras in 2020 and take your videos to the next level now! ...  Read More
Today we share some advice on improving your photos and videos to maximise the online potential of your business. ...  Read More
To make sure you’ve got the right gear to start creating engaging, high-quality content right off the bat, we’ve rounded up a shortlist of three pieces of equipment needed to start a podcast today. ...  Read More
If you’re considering getting into creative photographic lighting, there are a few easy tips you can follow to great results. Here are our top 5 creative lighting tips for beginners. ...  Read More
Today we take a look at some basic camera settings that will be the most important ones to master if you wish to become a more accomplished photographer. ...  Read More
Below we have compiled 5 tips to help you master composition and take that vital next step with your photography. ...  Read More
If you want to get more likes online with your elegantly plated delicacies, have a look through our top styling tips for food photography. ...  Read More
If you are looking to take beautiful photos of your kids, it can be done! These 5 tips are a great starting point. ...  Read More
Whether you’re starting a travel vlog, a fashion vlog, or simply want to vlog about your daily life, read on to discover the best settings for vlogging. ...  Read More
If you are struggling to decide which lens is right for you and your Fuji camera, we have selected some of our favourites. ...  Read More
To help you pass your extra time at home productively, we’ve rounded up our 5 essential tips for great indoor portrait photography. ...  Read More
How can you use your photography to bring out the best in your much-loved pets? You are about to find out. ...  Read More
More details have emerged about the features of the next generation of full-frame, high-performance Mirrorless cameras from Canon: the exciting EOS R5 ...  Read More
Be seen and heard above the rest in your zoom meetings with these carefully considered gear recommendations. ...  Read More
Read on to discover our guide to the best Canon lenses in 2021 and work out which camera lens to buy for your Canon camera this year. ...  Read More
As a result of the booming popularity of mobile photography, there are plenty of full-featured editing apps available for iPhone and Android. Here we have put together our Top 5 of these app's ...  Read More
Read on to discover our guide to the best Nikon lenses in 2021 and work out which camera lens to buy for your Nikon this year. ...  Read More
The world of portrait photography has become an incredibly interesting, yet increasingly competitive place. So, how can you develop your skills and stand out from the crowd while social distancing? ...  Read More
Whether you’re a newbie or a world-famous vlogger, read on to discover our top 7 vlogging cameras for every budget. ...  Read More
If you have ever seen a photo of an insect where you can see all of the segments of its eye and the hairs on its legs - you have witnessed Macro photography in action! ...  Read More
Live streaming is increasingly popular in the modern age with many people turning to this medium for a multitude of purposes. ...  Read More
From photo composition tips to the best camera settings for autumn photos, read on to learn how to take beautiful autumn photos. ...  Read More
Whether you’re an aspiring landscape photographer or prefer to take portraits, read on to learn how white balance works and which white balance to use in your photography. ...  Read More
We present you with some ideas on what you can photograph while stuck indoors, as well as our 5 essential home photography accessories. ...  Read More
From which vlog lighting setups to use to a rundown on three-point lighting, read on to get the info you need to start filming great videos today. ...  Read More
Read on to discover our top tips for small actions that can make a huge difference in the quality of your photographs from day one. ...  Read More
To help make your journey to taking good photos as smooth as possible, we’ve rounded up 5 easy ways to improve your photography. ...  Read More
If you’re considering starting a vlog, there are a few easy tips you can follow to start shooting great videos, fast. ...  Read More
Today we take a closer look at why waterfall photos appeal to so many landscape photographers and explain how to take waterfall photos like a pro. ...  Read More
From the definition of negative space photography to a step-by-step guide to using it in your work, read on to learn how you can use negative space to capture your audience’s attention. ...  Read More
Before you purchase a Ted’s Total Care Package with your next piece of photography gear, read our 10 FAQs about our camera protection plans below. ...  Read More
Fisheye lenses can be used to create unique and dramatic landscape images, portraits and more - so give them a shot. ...  Read More
Don't want to spoil your one shot at capturing the best photographs of your dream holiday destination? Pair your camera up with the perfect lens for travel photography. ...  Read More
Find out the difference between camera warranty and insurance and see why Ted’s Total Care Packages could be the right solution for you. ...  Read More
A new camera is a step in the right direction for improving your photography, but you still need to pair it up with the perfect lens. ...  Read More
To help you find the right insurance policy for your camera, we’ve teamed up with the insurance experts at Canstar, Australia’s largest financial comparison site. ...  Read More
This week we get to know a little bit more about Ted's Young Gun, Axel Karlsson-Lacy. Axel is an 11-year-old up-and-coming Photographer, with a tremendous amount of drive. ...  Read More
This week we get to know a little bit more about a member of the Ted's Masters team, Adam Dyson! Adam is a talented Landscape based in Melbourne, and this is his story... ...  Read More
At just 28 years of age, Elise Kellond-Knight has an impressive array of sporting achievements under her belt, and she somehow still finds time to pursue her other passion of Photography. ...  Read More
Jetting off soon? Before you go, check your camera kit to make sure it contains the top 10 accessories for travel. ...  Read More
With your smartphone and virtually every modern digital camera offering high-resolution video recording, where do you begin your search for the best digital cameras for filming videos? ...  Read More
What's the best budget-friendly camera on the market? Check out Ted's Best 5 Cameras Under $500 in 2021. ...  Read More
The world of interchangeable lenses is exciting for anyone to enter, with its' seemingly endless options of equipment to choose from. ...  Read More
Binoculars can be a deceptively tricky thing to purchase. They all do the same thing. Or do they? Read on to find out what the really difference is. For more info, contact us at 1300 768 833. ...  Read More
Entry-level DSLRs have come a long way in recent times. With the correct lens choice, your pictures taken with your APS-C format Canon EOS camera can rival those of the pros. ...  Read More
Drones have changed the game for aerial photography. Previously, you had to hire a helicopter or plane to take aerial photos and videos - but not anymore. ...  Read More
Looking for a Christmas gift that is sure to delight the photography enthusiast in your life? You simply can't go past these 10 amazing camera lenses. ...  Read More
Take the stress out of Christmas camera shopping with our camera & lens bundles, the perfect gifts for photography enthusiasts. Discover our selection now. ...  Read More
Starting out in professional music photography, or simply want to capture your next gig in all its glory? To help set you up for success, concert photographer extraordinaire Matt Walter provides his tips. ...  Read More
Learning how to take good sports photos is an art. Keep reading to find out Ted's Master Photographer, Michael Willson's, top 10 sports photography tips and tricks. ...  Read More
Here, we break down the three most popular lenses for street photography, and share our top street photography tips. ...  Read More
The experts at Ted’s Cameras share their top tips for how to take good photos in low light. ...  Read More
If you want to learn how to take stunning photos of the night sky, you’re not alone. To help you get there, the experts at Ted’s Cameras share their beginner’s guide to astrophotography. ...  Read More
Here are 5 reasons why renting travel camera gear is a smart option that’s both affordable and convenient. ...  Read More
Read our top Uluru travel and photography tips, including the best way to see Uluru, the best time to visit, and any photography restrictions you should know about and respect. ...  Read More
Read our tips on cleaning and caring for your Drone in order to keep it up in the sky for longer. ...  Read More
To help you to score more bookings, the team at Ted's Cameras shares their guide to photographing your Airbnb rental. ...  Read More
If you really want to improve your photography, becoming comfortable with key photographic settings is crucial. To help you get started, check out our beginner’s guide to masterfully shooting in manual mode: ...  Read More
With the summer Olympics approaching, Nikon has announced the sports-friendly full-frame D6 DSLR and 120-300mm telephoto lens. ...  Read More
From saving money to trying out the latest photography equipment, here are the advantages of renting camera gear. ...  Read More
While your phone is capable of producing incredible quality, there are still some obstacles that you will need to overcome if you want your video to stand out from the average blurry, grainy Vlog ...  Read More
Whether you love binoculars for birdwatching or astrology, read on for our tips on how to clean and take care of them. ...  Read More
What are the benefits of a prime lens versus a zoom lens? Read our guide to figure out which prime or fixed lens is the best choice for your style of photography. ...  Read More
It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve strolled the Bondi to Coogee: It never gets old. Next time you go, bring your digital camera and follow our guide to capturing the coastal walk. ...  Read More
If you want a head start, the team at Ted’s Cameras has put together a guide to time-lapse photography. ...  Read More
The team at Ted’s Cameras share 4 reasons why you might want to hire camera lenses before buying them. ...  Read More
The Australian Travel photography awards were held at TWI on the 31st of August. Celebrating 10 awards from 10 suppliers, find out who won here. ...  Read More
Want to make the most of your powerful Drone. Read this for Ted’s Cameras guide to the must-have drone accessories: ...  Read More
If you’re lucky enough to be ticking an African safari off your bucket list soon, these are our 10 tips for planning a safari from a photographer’s perspective. ...  Read More
Professional landscape photographer William Patino gives us his expert tips and recommendations for photographing New Zealand. ...  Read More
Do you have a cute or quirky pet? Do you love taking photographs of that pet? Here’s how to take great pet photographs and optimise Instagram posts to grow your pet’s account: ...  Read More
It’s safe to say that drone photography is taking over - it’s even made its way into the popular field of wedding photography. Here are the top 10 things you should know about aerial drone photography at weddings: ...  Read More
This infographic explains the basic types of binoculars, their common features and gives some tips on what to consider when buying binoculars. ...  Read More
This year, in our pursuit to help Ted's photographic community thrive and grow together, we are providing you an exclusive opportunity to join the ‘This is Australia’ program by Getty Images & Canon ...  Read More
Join us as we explore the common types of binoculars, their features, and give some tips on what to consider when buying binoculars. ...  Read More
Ted’s Cameras have created a useful checklist to help you prepare for your first drone flight and learn the essentials all drone users should know. ...  Read More
To help you choose the best camera for live streaming and vlogging, we’ve put together this guide on what to look out for: ...  Read More
Do you want to make your videos look more professional? Enter: Camera gimbals. ...  Read More
Looking for some fun wedding photo ideas? Here’s why instant Polaroid cameras like Fujifilm's Instax are the perfect addition to anyone’s big day. ...  Read More
The right camera can help you to hone your skills and build experience while taking beautiful photos. Here’s what to consider when you’re looking for a landscape photography camera: ...  Read More
Between Instagram, magazines, and catalogues, it’s fair to say that most of us encounter fashion photography every day. Here are our fashion photography tips for beginners: ...  Read More
When you’re ready to make your directorial debut, check out our guide to shooting video with a DSLR for beginners. ...  Read More
If you’re interested in learning more about the birds that visit your backyard, here’s our beginner’s guide to birdwatching in partnership with Daintree Rainforest. ...  Read More
To make movie magic, you need a good script or setting. You also need a digital camera that can capture the scene in all its cinematic glory! Here’s what to look for in a professional video camera: ...  Read More
Heading off on an adventure? To help you to narrow down your packing list, these are the 5 best travel drones in 2019: ...  Read More
Holly Brunnbauer, from Motherhood Melbourne, shares her camera selections with you and gives you some advice for taking nice family photos. ...  Read More
With so many drone models on the shelves and new ones coming out all the time, it’s an exciting time to play pilot. Take a look at our picks of the 5 best drones: ...  Read More
Celebrating the release of the Instax Mini Fujifilm Instax Mini LiPlay, Ted's is giving away Fujifilm LiPlay camera. Just follow the prompts below to go in the draw. ...  Read More
Whether you’re a pro or just starting out, a good tripod can take your photos to the next level. To the untrained eye, they all look the same, so how do you go about choosing a tripod? ...  Read More
Melbourne is Australia’s quiet achiever. From the city to the coast, there’s something for every type of traveller. Naturally, we’ve tailored our three-day Melbourne itinerary to photographers: ...  Read More
With so much to do, let’s be honest: Sydney is a show-off. If you have only three days, here are the best things to do in Sydney to make the most of the Harbour City. ...  Read More
You could be an absolute whiz in the kitchen, but whipping up mouthwatering cooking videos is a separate skill set. Here’s how to film a cooking video that’ll hook in your viewers: ...  Read More
There are a few ongoing debates in the photography world, and the battle between prime lenses and zoom lenses is one of them. ...  Read More
In this beginner’s guide to travel photography, we’ve shared our tips for translating that exciting, travelling feel to your photos. We hope they not only help you to improve your images, but inspire you to keep shooting! ...  Read More
We may be biased, but Australia is one of the most photogenic countries in the world. These are some of our favourite photography spots: ...  Read More
With today’s high-end digital cameras, it’s easier than ever to strip away colour and make a photo even more powerful. These are the basics of black and white photography. ...  Read More
With the right gear and a little know-how on your side, you can snap pictures that you’ll want to show off. To help you get there, we’ve put together our top landscape photography tips. ...  Read More
Our landscape photography tips for beginners will teach you how to work a digital camera and set up the perfect shot. ...  Read More
Former Ted's staff member and cancer survivor Craig Robinson is flying around Australia to raise funds for Prostate cancer. Join him as he takes to the skies ...  Read More
Prime or zoom? Wide-angle or telephoto? Below we will make the differences between these lenses clearer, and hopefully, make it a little easier for you to make your next purchase. ...  Read More
With so many cameras and lenses flooding the interchangeable lens market these days, it is easy to become confused when considering compatibility and suitability of equipment. ...  Read More
Your Smartphone camera app has a specific job - it takes happy snaps while you are on the go and don't have a better camera with you. You may also have an interchangeable lens camera which you love dearly. But this camera with all its accessories is much too big for you to take on day trips, where photography is not your primary concern. It sounds you are looking for an enthusiast-friendly pocketable compact camera. Read on to find out which of these we love the best. ...  Read More
Whether you are headed out on Safari, going bush, or to your local Zoo, wildlife photography requires a certain skill set. While the right tools don't necessarily equate to you capturing the winning image every single time, having the right lens is a good place to start. ...  Read More
We hear it all the time from our customers. "I've just purchased my first 'real' camera, and I really want to take beautiful portraits of my family and friends but I don't know where to start!" ...  Read More
If you are a working professional or an enthusiast, chances are you will have a larger budget when it comes to purchasing a camera, than your average novice would ...  Read More
Summer is here and the holiday season is approaching, chances are if you are planning a trip soon, your camera could do with an update ...  Read More
Here on our list of top 5 children’s cameras you will find something for everyone, from the basic tough camera which can handle a little rougher usage, to an entry-level DSLR ...  Read More
Ted's, BIG4 & Olympus Australia are offering you the chance to win a $3500 Magic Moments prize pack ...  Read More
Whether you are taking your camera track-side, or you are wanting to submit your shots of the local footy club, any one of the cameras on this list is capable of helping you on your journey ...  Read More
Experience the sheer joy and wonder that Instant cameras brought to families worldwide, many years ago ...  Read More
From eye-catching scenery, to astounding man-made sites, here is our pick of 5 locations around the world that you simply must find the time to photograph. ...  Read More
As a way of connecting with potential employers and customers, and building your brand it is important to have an online platform to deliver your work to the world ...  Read More
With cameras on smartphones improving steadily, it is easy to forget about the importance of a dedicated digital camera. When you're looking for more features and better image quality, you'll be looking at a DSLR or Mirrorless camera, but what are they, and what is the difference? ...  Read More
With the perfect mix of technical advice, gear reviews and inspiring photography-related articles, here are our top 5 photographic websites ...  Read More
We are spoilt for choice when it comes to photo editing software in the modern age. Two of the most popular (and most misunderstood) options are Photoshop and Lightroom ...  Read More
You may think your kit is full to the brim, but if you have any more space you may want to consider checking it against this guide ...  Read More
The next generation mirrorless camera from Nikon is here... nearly! ...  Read More
Ted's Cameras & Caravan Industry Association of Australia have come together with Tourism Central Australia to create a “Real-Life Classroom” competition, supported by Apollo Motorhome Holidays. ...  Read More
You’d be hard-pressed to find a more competitive field than that of wedding photography. Along with this pressure for work, comes your desire to capture the big day in a perfect way for the happy couple ...  Read More
Photographers practising in the modern age need to master the art of social media, in all its forms. Nowadays social media is a vital tool for advertising and helping brands to survive ...  Read More
In this guide, we will give you some tips on developing your professional photography business and hopefully help it to flourish and grow long into the future ...  Read More
Juxtaposition is a common term that is used in many art forms, in painting, writing, sculpture and more. Chances are, you have already used it in some way in your photography. But what is it? ...  Read More
Packing for any trip can be very difficult. Photographers have it even harder, always struggling to find the perfect balance of weight and functionality ...  Read More
Any photographer in the know will tell you that the right lens makes a huge difference towards the overall quality and look of an image. ...  Read More
Ted's are proud to have teamed up with Australian Camera Magazine, to offer a whopping 38% OFF a one-year subscription! ...  Read More

Having these 5 accessories in your kit will assure that you are in the best position to get the most out of your camera in almost any situation

...  Read More
Pretty much every camera shoots video nowadays, even smartphones are doing a pretty good job... But what do you do once you've shot that movie? Chances are you'll need to edit it, so we've put together a list of out 5 favourite video editing programs ...  Read More
Arguably Photoshop is the greatest and most important photo editing program of all time. It has been a mainstay of the Photographic world for a number of years and it is likely to stay that way, but what about the other options available? ...  Read More
Join Ted's and professional photographer David Harradine on our 2018 Bali photo trip, as we spend 12 nights touring the countless wonders of this beautiful province, honing our photographic skills at these stunning and picturesque locations. ...  Read More
For those who missed it, Ted's and Canon hosted exclusive guided photo walks for the inaugural Frankston "Big Picture Fest" in March 2018. All attendees had an opportunity to enter a photo competition for a Canon EOS M camera, read on to find out who won! ...  Read More
If you are at all interested in photographing fast-moving subjects, you probably long to become a master of panning. To help you get your head around this useful technique, we have compiled this list of key steps ...  Read More
We were blown away by the quality and quantity of entries for our March #TedsSomethingRed photo competition! With over 1300 entries it was tough picking the top three, but after a few sleepless nights, we now have our winners. ...  Read More
Join us as we explore the features and functionality of Sony's latest camera, the A7III ...  Read More
Ted's Cameras are proud sponsors of the TarraWarra Museum of Art. Since opening its doors to the public on the 18th December, 2003 TarraWarra Museum of Art has been one of the cultural jewels in the Yarra Valley ...  Read More
After a huge month of entries, we're happy to announce the winner of our February "Summer" photo competition! ...  Read More
Building on Sony’s market-leading position in the full-frame market, we are proud to introduce yet another impressive addition to the Sony full-frame mirrorless line-up, the Sony A7 Mark III. ...  Read More
Join us, as Michael from Ted's Cameras Sydney unboxes the new Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III ...  Read More
Ted's would like to congratulate all the winners on their success and thank everyone who participated, including all entrants, judges, partners, volunteers and staff. ...  Read More
Olympus Australia is pleased to announce the Olympus PEN E-PL9 with availability to market scheduled for March 2018. Featuring a flip down selfie screen and packed with a variety of features, the PEN E-PL9 is designed to make photography more enjoyable. ...  Read More
Are you ready to start your day with a unique aerial photographic shoot over Canberra? ...  Read More
Ted's Cameras Brisbane is proud to be a part of the 2018 Blur Photography Festival! ...  Read More
Sony is developing quite a legacy with their full-frame A7 range of cameras and as this latest release proves, the heights that they can attain with these Compact System Cameras are seemingly limitless. ...  Read More
"Mirrorless" Cameras or "Compact System" are the biggest growing category of cameras, continuing to advance with leaps and bounds in features and performance. We've picked what we think are the best mirrorless camera models of 2017, for a range of users and styles of photography. ...  Read More

Buying Christmas presents can be hard, especially if the person you’re buying for is a photographer.

But don’t be discouraged, Ted’s is here to help!

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Meet James from Ted's Cameras, as he talks aboutCamera Lenses, for DSLR's and Mirrorless Cameras. ...  Read More

Not sure what to buy for the adventure & sports loving photographer in your life? With countless camera models, drones and action-cams, sometimes it can seem like another language.

We’ve put together a list of surefire gifts that your special someone is bound to love.

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Want to take video and photos of extreme action, in severe conditions? then you probably need an action-cam. Varying greatly in terms of video/image quality, ruggedness, styles, and price. Here are our best picks for capturing all the action! ...  Read More
With winter finally leaving us for the year and warmer weather approaching, it is the perfect opportunity to head down to the beach to try your hand at an ever-popular photographic subject - Surfing. Surf photography is one of the most beloved forms of action photography and just like any other, this style takes a little time and the right equipment to perfect. ...  Read More
Here are some awe-inspiring drone-driven videos to get your creative juices flowing before you head out shooting on your own. ...  Read More
After weeks of amazing images and judging 100's of pic's, we're happy to announce our October "Travel" photo competition winner! ...  Read More
"Travel & Photography", has there ever been a better combination? Ted's Cameras in association Big4 Holiday Parks, are happy to share part 2 of "The Australia You've Never Seen", by photographer and avid traveller Andrew Bertuleit ...  Read More
Meet David from Ted's Cameras, as he discusses the features and advantages of the Fujifilm X-Pro 2 and their mirrorless range of cameras and lenses. ...  Read More
"Travel & Photography", has there ever been a better combination? Ted's Cameras in association Big4 Holiday Parks, are happy to share these inspiring images, and the stories behind them, by photographer and avid traveler Andrew Bertuleit ...  Read More
Join James from Ted's Cameras, as he explores the features and functionality of the Canon EOS 6D Mark II ...  Read More
Australia is world-renowned for its firework displays - New Year's Eve, Australia Day and ANZAC Day, to name a few public events that are often commemorated with a bang. And there is never any shortage of spectators taking in the delights and wanting to memorialise them through photography. ...  Read More
In celebration of Nikon's 100th anniversary, we're happy to announce the winner of our "Nikon Birthday Photo Competition"! Did you win this months $2700 Nikon prize? ...  Read More

Long exposure is something every photographer has tried at least once. In simple terms it involves leaving the shutter open for a long period of time in order to capture more light than our eyes perceive. The longer the shutter is left open the brighter the image will be. If the light source moves while the shutter is open you will experience blurring of that light source. With me so far?

...  Read More
Download our free easy to understand "Simple Guide To Shutter Speed" info-graphic ...  Read More
Nikon Australia is pleased to announce the development of the next generation of full-frame, high-resolution, high-speed digital SLR cameras: the highly anticipated Nikon D850. ...  Read More
Take control of your camera and master depth of field, with your cameras aperture controls! Download our free easy to understand "Simple Guide To Aperture" info-graphic ...  Read More
Fuji's film quality was world famous, that tradition is carried on in their superb range of X-series cameras ...  Read More
Don't let ISO confuse you! Download our free easy to understand "Simple Guide To ISO" infographic ...  Read More
The A7 Mark II rides on the success of the original, maintaining the same 24 Megapixel Full Frame sensor and processor while adding in-body stabilisation ...  Read More
Join Ted's and Fujifilm Australia for a FREE "Touch & Try" event at our Southland & Melbourne CBD stores. This is a great opportunity to try out the range of X-Series gear, including the new GFX-50S, X-Pro 2 and X-T20, as well as a number of Fujifilm XF lenses. Places are limited, so register today! ...  Read More
The OM-D E-M1 Mark II is a camera designed to be a competent, reliable workhorse for anyone from an enthusiast to a professional level ...  Read More
From An early age, we are exposed to being in front of cameras. However, very rarely do we think of how we got to the stage of photography we are in, enjoy a quick history tour with Ted ...  Read More
If you're looking for DSLR quality, in a compact package, the Canon EOS M3 is the camera for you. ...  Read More
With the Lumix GX85, Panasonic has continued what seems to be a bit of a trend for them recently, of making an offer that is very difficult to refuse. ...  Read More
If you had ever questioned Sony's commitment to professional photographers, that should be well and truly quashed by the new A9. ...  Read More
With over one thousand entries this month it was tricky picking a winner! ...  Read More

Ted's is happy to welcome Marissa Alden to the Ted's Masters team!

Marissa is a talented fashion and commercial photographer based in ...  Read More

Ted's Cameras & Olympus Australia are thrilled to announce the launch of the latest Olympus Tough Series, the feature packed Olympus Tough TG-5. ...  Read More
You might not know it, but many members of Ted's Staff are also working photographers. Weddings, events, architecture and fine art. You name it, we shoot it. ...  Read More
Ted's Cameras and Canon Australia partnered with Ted's Master Andrew Peacock again, to give ClubTed members an exclusive VIP night. ...  Read More
A bit of a tricky theme this month, but everyone made a huge effort and there has been an amazing range of images submitted. Did you make the cut? ...  Read More
This month will mark what would have been Ansel Easton Adams 115th birthday, a name that defines landscape photography and pre-photoshop editing mastery. ...  Read More
Congratulations to the 8 winners of our NatGeo Live competition! Did you make the cut? ...  Read More
After a huge month on submissions and sorting through almost 1500 stunning images, we finally have a winner for our October "Something Blue" photo competition! Check out the incredible winning image and a few of our favourite entries from the past month, did you make it on the list??? ...  Read More

We don't all have an endless amount of money to spend on cameras, but we do all have a need to capture our treasured memories in the best quality possible. Thankfully, modern advancements have led to an increase in quality and features across the board, even in the under $300 range - these are our picks from that bunch.

...  Read More
Confused by the huge range of cameras available? Not sure which one fits your needs? Fear not! Ted's and Fuji are here to help :-) Let us demystify the wonderful worlds of X-Series cameras, from the entry level X-A cameras, to the fully featured X-Pro Series. ...  Read More

During July and August this year, Ted's Maroochydore customer, avid photographer and "Everyday Hero" Richard West, made it his mission to ride his motorcycle around Australia in 62 days, with the goal of raising $10,000 for the charity Beyond Blue.

He was kind enough to share his images and story here...

...  Read More
Ted's Cameras are proud to be sponsoring the 2016 Photo Shootout. Launched this week at Ted's Camera Stores in Maroochydore. The Photo Shootout is a weekend long photography festival and competition designed to bring the photography community together for a weekend of fun and adventure, celebrating our art and passion. ...  Read More
Congratulations to Siobhan! Winner of our July "Different Perspectives" photo comp! ...  Read More

Winter is here in force and entries for our "Winter" photo comp have been coming in thick and fast.
It's always hard to pick a favourite image in these situations, but this month has been exceptional. Not only do we have a winner, but we also have 3 runners up with prizes by Sandisk :-) ...  Read More

If you are in the market for an entry-level DSLR with more features than your average beginner model, but just as compact and easy to use, chances are you have already heard about the Nikon D5500. But is this the model that is going to be best suited to your needs?

...  Read More

To the outsider, Nikon seem to have a very clear vision - to create a full-frame body that is suitable for every enthusiast and professional photographer. Not too long ago we saw the revamp of their professional range with the powerful D810 and we have also recently seen the arrival of the affordable lower-end D610; now we have the Nikon D750, sitting comfortably in the middle with features in common with both of the previously mentioned models.

...  Read More

One of the most anticipated follow ups in modern camera history, the Canon EOS 7D mark II had big boots to fill. Long before it was officially announced, this action-ready DSLR was surrounded by hype, with camera lovers speculating what road Canon would take and whether this second generation body would be worth the lengthy wait.

...  Read More
The introduction of the full-frame DSLR camera excited many, and opened many doors for photography, but for a number of years it created a great divide between beginners and professionals. ...  Read More
We had a great response to our April "Old" Photo Comp, with some classic old photos, vintage inspired new photos and beautiful collages.

But as always there can be only one winner, and this months 1st place has been awarded to Hayden L. for his haunting image titled "Meet Bonzo", you can see that a lot of work as gone into this image, both before and after snapping the shutter.
Congratulations Hayden!

But wait, that's not all... This month Olloclip has come to the party with 10 prizes for our runners up :-)

...  Read More

"Photography is made essentially of time. I often think that what we show is a point in time, more than a window onto space."
Frank Horvat

Born on April 28th 1928, in Abbazia, Italy (now Opatija, Croatia). At the tender age of 15, Frank Horvat swapped his postage stamp collection for a 35mm Retinamat camera and never looked back. He is now 88 years old and still pushing the boundaries of photography, embracing new mediums and processes, while exhibiting in galleries, online and via his iPad App. He is truly an inspiration for all photographers young and old. ...  Read More

Andrew Peacock's latest exhibition "Call of the Wild" is part of the Sydney HeadOn Festival, and opens on the 29 April 2016, running until the 31st of May.

...  Read More

”A photograph is a secret about a secret.
The more it tells you the less you know.”
Diane Arbus

This March 14th marks what would have been the 92nd birthday of the gifted and troubled photographer Diane Arbus

...  Read More

This week we're doing something a little different, instead of "Flickr Friday", we're having "Feature Me Friday"

If you follow Ted's Instagram @Teds_Cameras, you'll know we run our #FeatureMeTeds community, showing some of the great photos that get submitted to us every day.
Sadly we don't get to share as many as we'd like, so today we've collected some of the recent highlights to share with you all. Make sure you click through to see all the beautiful images, it might just give you the inspiration you need to take your next great photo :-)

So as always, enjoy the pic's, take more photos and make sure you share your thoughts in the comments section.

...  Read More
Last year (in Part 1) we had the pleasure of working with and filming Rob and in Part 2 we get to ask him few questions about his work and inspiration.

Rob Woodcox is a surreal portrait and fine art photographer born in Houston, raised in Detroit, and currently residing in Portland Oregon. He exercises his talent for photography with a passion that is unquenchable and contagious.

...  Read More

Last post we showed you some photos of students from Clyde Fenton Primary School having fun with their new cameras. The school received a delivery of traded-in cameras from our last ‘trade-in sale’ and they were quickly put to good use.
The kids have taken to their new lessons like pros and have been producing some beautiful photographs. We caught up with some of the students to ask what they like about photography.

...  Read More

You may be one of the awesome people who traded in their old camera, or maybe you heard about our plan to send traded-in cameras to a school in the NT.

Well the cameras have finally arrived at Clyde Fenton School in Katherine. They’ve found a home in the art department and have been incorporated into lessons by Dave.

...  Read More
Ralph Lee Hopkins Director of Lindblad Expedition Photography and National Geographic photographer has submitted his one on one interview, with some stunning images that he had taken during one of Lindblad Expeditions Cruises. ...  Read More

Rob Woodcox is a surreal portrait and fine art photographer born in Houston, raised in Detroit, and currently residing in Portland Oregon. He exercises his talent for photography with a passion that is unquenchable and contagious.

Rob visited Melbourne recently and we were lucky enough to have a chat with him about his work and inspiration.

...  Read More

Have you ever wondered what happens to your trade-in cameras?

After our latest ‘trade-in sale’ a bunch of second hand digital cameras made their way up to the Katherine in the Northern Territory. They found their new home at the Clyde Fenton School; a school committed to meeting the needs of all students on an equitable basis. It’s here that the resident art teacher, David McGill has put them to good use.

We had a quick chat with him about the school, the kids and what it’s like to teach in such a unique school.

...  Read More

Ted's is proud to offer a range of courses across Australia, hosted by some extremely talented individuals.
Glynn teaches our "Understanding Your Camera" courses, through his business Creative Photo Workshops

Having just come back from an amazing Vietnam adventure, we thought we'd ask him a few questions about his work and his thought about photography.

...  Read More
If you're thinking about going on one of Ted's PhotoEscapades, or you've already bought your tickets, these packing tips from Ted's Educator Ric Wallis will help you refine your equipment to the bare essentials. ...  Read More

For many of us our wedding day is one of the most important events in our lives, which is why it's so important to find a photographer that understands you and can capture the unique feeling of that special day.

There are so many amazing wedding photographers out there, but we think Zosia & Jakub the brother and sister duo from Aparat Photography are an up and coming team, that you should definitely check out.

Ted's "One On One" let's you find out what makes these great photographers tick, so read on, enjoy the photos and don't forget to let us know what you think :-)

...  Read More

Making the leap from student photographer to professional photographer can be a scary process, which is why it's great to have a mentor who's been through it all before.

This week we meet Dance and Wedding Photographer Belinda Wright and she shares with us her hints and tips to make the transition smoother.

So read on, enjoy the photos and don't forget to let us know what you think!

...  Read More
Australia is full of outstanding photographers and at Ted's we love sharing their work with you. Ted's "One On One" let's you find out what makes these great photographers tick, so read on, enjoy the photos and don't forget to let us know what you think :-) This week we meet Travel & Documentary Photographer Damian Caniglia ...  Read More
Learn about up and coming photographers around Australia, with Ted's "One On One", we find out where they got there start in the business and what makes them tick.

At only 14 years old, Lachy Starling is shooting above his weight. Taking photos that people twice his age would be proud of, he's showing us there's nothing you can't do if you're dedicated enough. ...  Read More

From the original box camera of the early 1900's to today's versatile compact digital cameras; take a look at the past present and future if photography. ...  Read More

The Sony A7 and the Canon EOS 6D are two great cameras which bridge the gap between the ease of handling of compact cameras and the power and versatility of full specification DSLRs.

...  Read More

Not all insurance companies are alike, if you have specialised camera equipment or any sort of digital camera equipment that is more than just an SLR and a single lens, then you really should be insured with a specialist camera insurer. 

...  Read More

Ever wondered what happens to your camera at the end of the Ted’s trade in promotion that we run a couple of times a year?

...  Read More

Our last post introduced you to Travel Photography, now we are going to take you a little bit further into looking at the best equipment you should be using.

...  Read More

If you're ready to take your photography to the next level, and are looking for a new camera to do so, you have an abundance of options to choose from. Brand, camera features, camera accessories, and lenses - making a decision isn't easy, but this infographic is a start. We take an in-depth look at the hardware and performance features of two top camera choices: the Olympus OMD - EM10 and Nikon's D5300.

...  Read More

Yay! You did it! Your back from your holiday and you have got the perfect shot! The light was just right, the angle was perfect, you edited to bring out just the right amount of texture/contrast/colour, and your subject wasn’t blinking. So…now what?
Some images are just too good to languish away on a hard drive or decorating your Facebook page; no they should be printed, mounted and/or framed.

...  Read More

So we know what a compact camera is. We know what a Digital SLR camera is. So what is a Compact System camera?

...  Read More

Have you ever wondered what makes professional-grade cameras so special, or what people are talking about when they say “Full Frame”? This Ted’s Blog explains what Full Frame cameras are, and why you might want to use one.

...  Read More

You can tell a lot about a person by what car they drive, what clothes they wear and what camera they use...

...  Read More

Jules Tahan photographs Black Caviar and they both live to tell the tale. “A horse is a horse, of course, of course, And no one (is scared of photographing a horse) of course, that is, of course, unless the horse is the famous Black Caviar.” 

...  Read More