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After booking out within hours of it's announcement, @lucyspartalis presented to a full house on May 31st, at Ted's Education Center in Melbourne. ...  Read More
As a wedding photographer, it’s easy to fall into the risky trap of regularly looking to our peers for inspiration. Whilst it’s crucial to keep up-to-date with current trends and styles, and wonderful to support our friends and colleagues, it can be detrimental to our work – and the industry as a whole – if we keep too close an eye on what others are doing. We may spoil our unique way of seeing the world, and begin to create work indistinguishable from the work of others. Worse still, we may inadvertently (or even purposefully) recreate imaginative, original work made by our friends and contemporaries - which really isn’t cool. ...  Read More

Since beginning my studies in photography eight years ago, I’ve continuously poured through the work of photographers I’ve admired. Although many of my favourites produce work very dissimilar to my own, they inspire my imagination and creativity in immeasurable ways.

Below are just five of the many artists whose work I dearly love – perhaps you will find their pieces just as compelling. ...  Read More

Whenever a couple book me for their day, I immediately send them a list of tips to get the best out of their photography; little things they may not have considered, that can make all the difference to both the experience and the final result. ...  Read More
Henri Cartier-Bresson talked of The Decisive Moment – the exact point at which an artist intuitively knows to click the shutter to capture a scene. As wedding photographers, we understand the crucial importance of being “in the moment” and capturing the expressions and emotions of a scene - but many great photographs involve more than that. The design of an image encourages us to connect further with the subject, using visual cues to help to tell more of the story. ...  Read More
Shooting a wedding is like running a marathon… if marathons included huge bewildering obstacles, heckling marshals, constantly changing surface conditions, ‘Uncle Bob’ runners incessantly questioning you about your running gear, and the pressure of knowing that the result of your run will directly impact the lives of others for decades to come. ...  Read More
Get to know our Masters - next up we talk to Melbourne based wedding photographer Lucy Spartalis... ...  Read More