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It’s easy to tell someone to be brave, until you’re standing in their shoes.

Being photographed is an unnerving experience, as I discovered during a recent photography session, where I was the subject. All of a sudden I was the one who had to perform, and all my bravado leeched away.
Despite the photographer being friendly and experienced, feeling what it was like to be the subject helped me realise what I need to be doing better as a photographer.

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Many people view the the wide range of focal lengths that lenses offer as a replacement for having the need to walk, or to solve the problem of cramped spaces or distance. Instead, we need to understand that different focal lengths can create completely different looks in a photograph.

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Being a full time photographer, the idea of photographing when I’m on holidays comes with mixed feelings. I love creating great photographs but I’m also trying not to create more work for myself. A few months ago I had the opportunity to go to Japan for a holiday and this is definitely a country known for it’s amazing cities, colourful people and beautiful landscapes. So I decided I was going to do photography in a different way. I wanted to travel lighter and shoot in a way that didn’t require too much analysis but still had creative control.

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Your camera is not a gun and it doesn’t have to be used as a point and shoot.
Back button focusing takes time to adjust to, but once mastered, it becomes very natural to think about your focus and shooting separately. ...  Read More
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