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Manfrotto Camera Lens Filters

If you're wondering how you can get the most out of your new digital camera lens, the answer is camera lens filters. By adding a couple of good quality lens filters to your camera kit, you can obtain the best possible images during capture and save yourself valuable time in the photo editing stage.

Do I need a UV filter for my DSLR?
Beginners often wonder why UV filters need to be applied to lenses. UV filters and clear protect filters are a must-have for all your lenses, particularly the more expensive ones in your kit, as they protect your front lens element from damage caused by dirt, dust and minor impacts. After all, it’s much easier and cheaper to replace a lens filter than to have your lens repaired.

But camera filters are not just for protection. They also help you achieve stunning and advanced effects. For example, the popular circular polarising filter (or CPL filter) will instantly enhance the look of your photos. Neutral Density filters (also known as ND filters) will limit the light entering your lens, thus allowing you to shoot with slower shutter speeds and intentionally create blur, which is essential for photographing waterfalls.

If you are an Astrophotography enthusiast, a light pollution filter will drastically improve your results, by eliminating the unwanted colours caused by artificial light sources and giving you a clearer view of the night sky.

How to choose a camera lens filter?
Not sure what size camera lens filter to buy? A closer inspection of your lens will make this clear. Look out for the diameter symbol and measurement, and this will be the diameter of the screw-on filters which are compatible with your lens. Now you are set to go!

Shop our camera lens filters today!
No matter your chosen photographic subject, Ted’s Cameras will have the best lens filter to help you capture the most incredible photographs, from popular brands such as Hoya, Manfrotto and Cokin.

To find out more about the different types of lens filters and how to use a lens filter, don’t forget to check out our Camera Lens Filter Buying Guide HERE.

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