Polaroid Camera Film

Rediscover the joys of film photography

Whether you love tossing a disposable camera into your backpack for day trips or taking happy snaps at a party with an instant camera, most photographers agree that film photography has undeniable charm. The distinctive image quality and period of anticipation that comes with all types of film photography simply can’t be replaced by digital cameras and smartphones.

This is particularly true of instant photography, which continues to inspire a sense of wonder in photographers of all ages. Breathe new life into your retro Polaroid camera with our range of ZINC 2x3 inch film, which combines environmentally-friendly Zero Ink technology with the rich detail and colour that Polaroid is known for.

For a modern take on a classic, opt for an Instax instant camera and accompanying Fujifilm instead. Our range of camera film includes everything from SQ Square to Instax Mini film, making it your one-stop shop for fun, unique instant camera shots.

Choose between black and white or colour

While colour film is an undisputed favourite for portrait photography enthusiasts who love to capture subtleties in skin tones and landscapes, there’s something special about black and white film photography. Once you’ve filled your portfolio with vibrant images shot on Kodak Portra film, why not try shooting in black and white?

Our broad selection of black and white camera film has everything you need for dramatic documentary and street photography, including the ever-popular Ilford Delta range.

Find the right film for your camera

Most film SLR cameras take 35mm film, though some models do take 135 film rolls. If your camera is the latter, look out for film from popular 35mm SLR camera brands including Minolta, Canon, Olympus, Nikon, and Pentax. If you’re after 120 film, it’s a good idea to start with film from Hasselblad, a brand that has long led the market for this type of film.

Keen to try your hand at film photography? Shop our great range of film cameras or browse our growing second hand camera selection now!

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