Ted's - Sony Cybershot RX100 MKIV Review

5 Nov 2015 1:01:39 pm

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James from Ted's Cameras takes us through the features and benefits of the Sony Cybershot RX100 Mark IV

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James:Hi I'm James, and welcome to Get Teducated. This is the new Sony RX100 Mark 4 and given the success of it's predecessor, there were some pretty high expectations here. The previous Mark 3 is still considered one of the best compact cameras on the market, and despite not a whole lot changing in the looks department (which isn't necessarily a bad thing) I'm pleased to say Sony have improved on just about everything.

One thing that remains the same is the bright 24-70mm equivalent lens, and the large, 1" sized 20 megapixel image sensor behind it, but despite the same specs, it's actually a new design from Sony which, according to the manufacturer offers a 5x faster readout speed than conventional models. While that particular fact isn't very interesting, what IS interesting are the results of this speed boost.

Now, as I mention to a lot of my customers, I'm not a big video user myself but I'm always excited to see more and more cameras now offering Ultra High Definition or 4K video which has naturally found it's way into the RX100 Mark 4. Now that it can handle a bunch of extra data from the sensor, it offers this incredibly versatile video at 25 or 30 frames per second for up to 5 minutes, which is plenty of time to get a great clip and maybe even pick out a nice looking frame of video for a print. If you plan on recording some fast paced action scenes and 30 frames doesn't sound like enough, you have nothing to worry about. In Full HD mode you can record at 100 frames per second for silky smooth playback even in slow motion, or for a quick 4 second burst it'll capture a ridiculous One Thousand frames per second.

It's important to mention that these new video modes are only available when using an SDXC memory card, that's 64GB or higher. For most of those recording modes, a Class U1 speed card like this SanDisk Extreme Pro will do the job, but for the very best 4K video quality, you will need to use something faster with a Class U3 rating as specified on the card here.

Video is really the major improvement with the new sensor, there hasn't really been a change in image quality as such, but given that we already know the image quality to be excellent, that's not really a problem. In terms of still pictures there's still been improvements like an even faster burst speed and an improved autofocus which is key to a good shooting experience. There's nothing worse than having to wait while the camera decides where to focus and at the same time watching that perfect shot get away from you, so any improvements to autofocus speed and accuracy are more than welcome. For those who find the prefer the experience of using a viewfinder, that has also been revamped with a brilliant new EVF, twice the resolution of the previous model for clear, crisp viewing.

All the other features you'd expect are still here as well, 180-degree tilting LCD ideal for selfies, NFC and WiFi connectivity to transfer images straight to your mobile, or to use your phone as a wireless remote.

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