Ted's - Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II Review

1 Feb 2016 3:54:27 PM

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James from Ted's Cameras takes us through the features and benefits of the Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II

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James:Hi I'm James and welcome to Get Teducated. Today we get to take a look at the latest incarnation of Olympus' entry-level OM-D series camera, the E-M10 Mark II.

The original E-M10 was a personal favourite of mine as far as compact system cameras go. I was a big fan of the styling, particularly in the silver and black combination, and it had an excellent quality feel to it with a button and dial layout that made it a pleasure to use. With the Mark II, there's a few subtle changes that improve on what I thought was already a pretty good shooting experience. The control wheels have been raised slightly and have a nicer texture, the power switch has been moved to a more conventional location on the top here, and a larger thumb grip makes you feel like you've got a better grip on the camera. They've also upgraded the viewfinder to be almost twice the resolution of what was in the original EM10 and bigger as well, so you can expect a clear, sharp view of your subject.

While you are using the viewfinder, the 3" touch screen on the back now acts as a 'Targeting Pad', allowing you to move the autofocus point around with a swipe of your finger rather than having to mess around with the buttons on the back of the camera while you're busy trying to take a photo. If you do happen to get a little overzealous with your swiping, you can be pretty confident you'll still get a good result, as the EM10 Mark 2 now has an upgraded 5-axis image stabiliser to compensate for shake no matter which way the camera's moving.

Video performance is something that always seems to get a little improvement in newer models, and there's no exception here. We've now got Full HD video frame rates up to 60 frames per second, as well as the Slow Motion video mode from the EM5, allowing you to capture the video at say 60 frames per second, but have it play back at 24 frames per second, giving you a slow motion video clip straight out of the camera without having to deal with editing software on your computer. Editing video isn't a very popular pastime for a lot of people, so if you like recording small clips of a few seconds each and just want to stitch them together with some background music and maybe a fancy transition, you can use the 'My Clips' functionality to do all of that in the camera itself, keeping the process simple and fun.

For shooting pictures, one thing that has come up in store a couple of times quite recently is the noise a camera can make when it takes a photo. In quiet areas like you'd expect at weddings or functions, the clicking noise of a camera shooting can be fairly pronounced. The new EM10 Mark 2 now has an electronic shutter that it can use for completely silent shooting, allowing you to happily snap away in any situation without annoying those around you and drawing unwanted attention to yourself. Much like in the previous model, we find a whole range of Art Filters as well as the clever Photo Story mode, allowing you to capture multiple pictures into one single photo with a selected layout. This pairs beautifully with the WiFi functionality, so you can now capture a single image which tells a complete story, send it direct to your phone and upload straight to your favourite social networks like Facebook or Instagram to make all your friends jealous of whatever is you're up to.

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