Ted's - Hands On Review Of The Canon Powershot G5X & G9X

29 Dec 2015 4:06:59 PM

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James from Ted's Cameras takes us through the features and benefits of the Canon Powershot Gx Range, the G5x & G9x

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James:Hi I'm James and welcome to Get Teducated. Today I've been lucky enough to get my hands on 2 brand new premium compact cameras from Canon, the PowerShot G5X and G9X.

Canon G X range already includes some excellent cameras such as the G1X Mark 2, G7X and more recently the G3X, and with the addition of the two new models you can be confident that no matter what features you're after, there's a Canon G X series camera to suit your needs.

By now, everybody has had some experience with digital photography, whether they've just been using their smartphones or if they've had a few compact digital cameras before. So I find now that most customers coming in looking for a compact camera are expecting much more in terms of image quality than in the past, but still want something small and stylish and easy to carry around. That's where the new G9X comes in. It's small and lightweight, while still offering excellent image quality thanks to the large 1"-type sensor that we find in most of the G X range. Focus is fast and responsive, and it's compact size makes it perfect for your pocket or handbag, so you can use it to capture everyday moments without compromising on quality. The LCD screen is a capacitive touch screen, so it's very responsive, and the on screen buttons are well laid out giving you easy access to all your favourite settings. Another convenient feature Canon have added is USB charging, making it easier to charge your battery on the go, but if you do prefer to charge the battery separately to the camera the standard wall charger is included in the box.

One thing I do hear a lot in store is customers saying "I just prefer to use a viewfinder", and there doesn't specifically need to be a practical reason for it, some people simply just prefer the shooting experience that way and Canon have accommodated for this with the new G5X. Sporting the same 1"-type sensor and bright lens from the G7X, exceptional image quality is assured, but now with the added benefit of a high resolution electronic viewfinder. The viewfinder itself is 2.36 Megapixels and reproduces excellent colour so you can really see what you're doing, and it'll even switch the shooting information into a vertical layout if you're holding the camera in portrait position, to make sure you can accurately adjust settings through the viewfinder.

With the viewfinder attached, the camera was never really going to be considered pocketable, so Canon have made the most of the extra space with a vari-angle touch LCD on the back. Layout of on-screen buttons is customisable, so you can set the camera up to work the way you want it to, giving enthusiasts a little bit of extra freedom, which is never a bad thing. Much like the smaller G9X, the G5X also offers USB charging for convenience while out and about but again the regular wall charger is supplied in the box.

Both of these models offer all the latest features including NFC and WiFi built-in, so you can share images directly with the Canon Camera Connect app on your smartphone for easy upload, or even just tap to transfer your days shooting to the Canon Connect Station and have your photos ready to display on your TV with no real effort.

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