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8 Dec 2015 4:38:45 pm

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James from Ted's Cameras takes us through the features and benefits of the Canon Connect Station CS100 & demonstrates it's use with the Canon 760D

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James:Hi I'm James and welcome to Get Teducated. I'm usually more interested in cameras themselves than accessories, but I was pretty impressed with this new little unit from Canon, the Connect Station CS100.

What it is, in essence, is a 1 Terabyte hard drive - but what's really exciting is the way it works. At the front of the unit here are 2 card slots, one for SD cards and one for Compact Flash. Just take your card out of your camera, and pop it in the appropriate slot. The CS100 will automatically start downloading the images and video to it's internal hard drive, and it's not unintelligent either, it will recognise anything you've already downloaded and skip over them so you don't need to worry about doubling up and using space unnecessarily. While the card is being read, the light here will flash, and once it's gone solid it's all done and the card can be removed.

If that wasn't simple enough, there is another way to copy the contents of your memory card to the Connect Station. Should you have one of Canon's more recent cameras which feature NFC and WiFi, such as the 760D here, all I need to do is with the camera turned on, hold the camera over the NFC pad on top of the unit here and you'll see the camera automatically connect to the CS100 via WiFi and begin the download. Once it starts, it will continue to download wirelessly as long as the camera itself stays within a reasonable distance, so you can just place it on a table nearby and let it take care of the rest.

So it definitely makes it easy to store your latest work, and that in itself is pretty good, but that's certainly not the end of it. The Connect Station has an HDMI connection to your TV so you can show off your creations in Full High Definition. Canon have also included a network port so you can plug the unit into your home network and give it internet access, allowing it to backup your photos and videos to Canon's online cloud storage, or if you can't convince your friends to come round for a night of viewing holiday snaps you can actually send your photos directly to their own Connect Station through the internet and then there's no excuses for them to miss out.

With these awesome features and incredible ease of use, the CS100 really becomes a central hub for storage, playback and sharing of all your captured moments. It's the kind of device that works so well and is so convenient that it's ideal for anybody, whether you're someone who just likes to capture the occasional happy snap, or a keen enthusiast, and once you start using it you'll never look back.

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