Ted's - Sony A7S II & A7R II Camera Comparison

5 Nov 2015 1:25:09 PM

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James from Ted's Cameras takes us through the features and benefits of the Sony A7S II and Sony A7R II

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James:Hi I'm James and welcome to Get Teducated. Two cameras that I know a lot of people have been looking forward to are the top end of Sony's Compact System Camera range, the A7S Mark 2 and the A7R Mark 2.

The original A7S was all about high sensitivity performance, and we saw some amazing results, primarily from video. In keeping with that same high sensitivity performance concept, the Mark 2 maintains the same 12 Megapixel image sensor and improves on the camera's usability and versatility. Physically the camera body has been improved with the new chunkier grip that makes the camera more comfortable to use for extended periods, as well as improved durability and weather sealing to ensure the camera performs under any conditions. The new fully electronic shutter mechanism also allows for completely silent shooting where the situation demands it, so photographers can be less obtrusive while they're snapping away.

Video in the A7S Mark 2 is at stunning 4K resolution, which it can now record in camera, and the built-in 5-axis image stabiliser will ensure a stable recording while shooting handheld. With these features and a sensitivity ranging up to a jaw dropping 409,000 ISO there's nothing to stop you bringing your creativity to life regardless of the conditions at the time.

If video isn't entirely your thing, the A7R Mark 2 is probably more your cup of tea. It's found an extra 6 Megapixels on top of the previous version, bringing the megapixel count up to a whopping 42 Megapixels, which in itself is fairly impressive, but despite the high resolution the camera isn't limited to a low maximum sensitivity as you can still select up to 102,000 ISO in it's expanded range. This is actually the fist of Sony's Full Frame bodies to use the Exmor R backlit type sensor while helps improve the light gathering efficiency and provides a faster data readout, which goes hand in hand with the autofocus system to provide a faster focus speed. Together this allows up to 5 frames per second shooting while continuously autofocusing, to improve your chances of capturing that crucial action shot. Like the A7S Mark 2 the R has that nicer hand grip and incorporates the 5-axis image stabilizer for steady hand held use as well as a similar 4K video functionality.

A lot of the key features of these Sony cameras involve very geeky details, so for any of the more boring details remember to pop into the store and see myself or any of our friendly staff.

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