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5 Sep 2016 2:08:13 PM

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Meet James from Ted's Cameras, as he talks about Camera Cleaning Products and the correct way to clean and maintain your digital camera.

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"Hi I'm James and welcome to Get Teducated.

A lot of my customers have been asking about the best way to clean their DSLR lenses, so today I thought I'd bring in one of my own cameras to demonstrate the way I like to clean my camera gear and the products I use.

The cleaning products that I use at home are the LensPen and this cleaning kit which includes a cleaning fluid, microfibre cloth, cotton swabs and a larger brush. These are usually 2 seperate products that you would purchase individually, however in the time since I bought my kit, Hahnel has started supplying us with a great looking DSLR cleaning kit which incorporates all these things and more. Before we get started cleaning, lets have a quick look at what we get here.

Starting at the top we have a Lens Cleaning Pen, a replacement tip for the pen for added longevity, a compact blower, lens cleaning fluid, anti-static gloves, a microfibre cleaning cloth, cotton swabs, and wet wipes.

So when it comes to cleaning, I like to start with Lens Pen. On the back end of the pen we have a little brush, which we use to get any little bits of grit out of the crevasses and off the lens and/or screen. I do this first so that later on when we use the polishing tip and cloth, there's less chance of there being a grain of sand or grit there to potentially scratch the glass.

With that done, we switch to the other end of the Lens Pen and use the polishing tip on the front of the lens. Just gently draw small circles on the front of the lens until clean. Obviously you can follow the same process for filters or lenses, as you can see I always have a UV filter on so there's no need to clean the lens itself.

Moving around to the back of the camera, grab a microfibre cloth and cleaning fluid for the LCD screen. Remember to spray the cleaning fluid onto the cloth, NOT directly onto the screen. Like with the Lens Pen, gently wipe the screen using a small circular motion and follow that up with a wipe using a dry part of the cloth to take care of any excess cleaning solution.

While we're here, just check the viewfinder is looking clean as well. Sometimes it doesn't need anything more than a once-over with the brush, but if it's got a fingerprint or something in there, you can remove the eye cup and get in there with the cotton swabs or the lens pen if the tip is small enough. With that under control, I just give the body a quick wipe as required with the still slightly damp cloth, and you're good to go!

That's all for now!
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