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14/01/2019 1:08 PM

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Looking for something to keep the kids busy these holidays?

Check out our great range of children's photography events!

Kid's Macro Workshop

Kid's Macro Workshop - Age Groups: 6-12 & 13+ $39.95

From shooting flowers & toy animals to shooting droplets of water & shells, this fun class will get you closer than what your eye can see. Come along to get a better understanding of how you can get those close up shots even with the most basic camera.

Topics Included:

  • Macro scene mode
  • Using Macro lenses
  • Understanding aperture (13+)
  • Understanding depth of field (13+)

To find out more or to book a place, contact us at

18th Jan, Frankston: 6-12 yrs 10am-12pm, 13+yrs 2pm-5pm
21st Jan, Southland: 6-12 yrs 10am-12pm, 13+yrs 2pm-5pm
23rd Jan, Melbourne CBD: 6-12 yrs 10am-12pm, 13+yrs 2pm-5pm

Kid's iPhoneography Workshop - Age Groups: 13+ $29.95

Have you ever wanted to create more artistic images with your phone? In this class, we experiment with the various phone lenses that are available to create Macro, Portrait and Fisheye photographs. During this course, you’ll learn how to use your phone camera to its full potential.


Topics Included:

  • Understanding Portrait Photography
  • How are fisheye images created
  • How to work with natural light
  • Understanding at composition

 To find out more or to book a place, contact us at

24th Jan, Melbourne CBD: 13+yrs 10am-12pm

Kid's iPhoneography Workshop
Kid's City Walk Workshop

Kid's City Walk Workshop - Age Groups: 13+ $39.95

Melbourne is a fantastic place to live with all it’s alley ways and hidden gems. While showing you Melbourne’s iconic locations, this course offers you a better understanding of your basic scene modes, especially landscape mode. For those who are more advance, take advantage of our knowledgeable trainers to show you Aperture Priority and Shutter priority modes.

Topics Included:

  • Understanding how scene modes work
  • Basic understanding of Aperture Priority mode
  • Basic understanding of Shutter Priority mode
  • Composition
  • Lighting

To find out more or to book a place, contact us at

24th Jan, Melbourne CBD: 13+yrs 1pm-3pm


Kid's Light Painting Workshop - Age Groups: 13+ $29.95

Have you ever wondered how to capture amazing coloured lights in the dark? With our fun and interactive light painting class you’ll have fun with glow sticks, torches and flashing lights to create patterns and objects.

Topics Included:

  • Slow shutter speed settings

  • Creating patterns with lights

 To find out more or to book a place, contact us at

22nd Jan, Melbourne CBD: 13+yrs 2pm-5pm

Kid's Light Painting Workshop

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