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This workshop is designed for beginners and experienced intermediate practitioners who want to gain a better understanding of their cameras precision tools. From Auto focus modes, metering modes and drive modes, this courses will help you to refine your post-production technique's and help you to start conceptualizing your photography in new and innovative ways.

Having a Basic understanding of your camera functionality will be beneficial for this class. If you have attended our Photo One course, this will be a perfect follow on to develop your photography skills and knowledge further.

Topics Included

Camera Basics


  • Quick Overview - Exposure Triangle, File types
  • EV - Exposure Values
  • Metering Modes - What are they and how they help
  • Drive Modes - Which one should I use, when?
  • Focusing Points
  • Printing - Shooting ratio & equipment
  • White Balance - Understanding colouring
  • Post Processing & Editing Software


What to Bring:


  • Camera with a CHARGED Battery
  • Memory Cards
  • Lenses
  • Notebook & pen
  • Weather appropriate clothing & footwear * Please note - depending on weather, we may or may not be able to go outside for the practical component of this course. If there are less than 3 attendees to a class, the overall course may take less than 4 hours to deliver.


Camera Basics

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