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Leica Digital SLR Cameras

Buy Leica Digital SLR Cameras.

  1. Leica M Body

    The Leica M Digital Rangefinder Camera Body combines Leica’s world famous rangefinder technology with modern digital technology.

    It features a 24 megapixel CMOS full frame sensor, and it is compatible with Leica M series lenses

    The Leica M is the first M Series Leica camera to feature Full HD video recording

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  2. Leica M Camera Body - 100 Years Edition - Black - 1 Available

    Centenary special limited edition

    The legendary rangefinder camera Leica M will be available, for a short time only, as a special edition strictly limited of 500 cameras worldwide engraved with the ‘100 years of Leica’ logo on the top plate. It comes with the silver chrome and the black paint versions and is technically identical to the current model of the Leica M.

    Equipped with a 24-megapixel full-frame Leica Max CMOS sensor, designed especially for use with M and R Lenses and with a multitude of features like Live View, full-HD video and additional focusing methods, the Leica M combines the capabilities of innovative, state-of-the-art digital technology with the latest developments from decades of expertise in rangefinder construction.

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  3. Leica M Monochrome Body Black

    The Leica M Monochrom Digital Rangefinder combines Leica’s world famous rangefinder technology with modern digital technology.

    It's the first full-frame digital camera to be designed exclusively for black-and-white photography, delivering true black-and-white images with unparalleled sharpness and dynamic range. The Leica M Monochrom is still compatible with Leica M series lenses for complete flexibility.

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  4. Leica M-E

    The Leica M-E Digital Rangefinder Camera is Leica's M series range entry point. It features a 18 megapixel full frame CCD sensor, no low pass filter to help increase detail and an optical viewfinder/rangefinder. 

    The M-E is compatible with the full range of Leica M series lenses. 


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  5. Leica T

    The Leica brand is one that is heavily associated with premium quality photographic gear, and the new Leica T compact system camera is no exception.

    The T features a 16.5 Megapixel APS-C sized image sensor in a small, sleek, beautifully designed body. There are very few external controls, instead Leica are keeping things simple, offering a large touch-screen which spans almost the entire rear of the camera for access to most functions. Two dials for manual exposure controls such as aperture and shutter speed are neatly placed on top of the camera, sitting flush within the body itself to keep the camera looking neat and tidy.

    In keeping with the premium design, the Leica T has a body machined from a single solid block of aluminium, giving it a very sturdy and high-quality feel. The simple design doesn't reflect the capabilities of the camera, as the T is still chock full of technology with Full HD video recording, and built-in WiFi to share photos direct to a smartphone or tablet as well as offering remote control via a mobile device.

    Along with this stunning looking body, Leica have introduced a new range of quality T-Series lenses to fit the new mount, but support for M mount lenses is available via an optional adapter. With the combination of the T's large image sensor, Leica quality lenses, and simple controls, brilliant looking photos are easier than ever.

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    From: $2,299.95

    To: $4,699.95

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