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Digital SLR Cameras

Ted’s stock a wide range of Digital SLR cameras and lenses including Canon EOS, Nikon D, Pentax K and Sony Alpha D SLR’s. Our DSLR cameras are available in Single Lens Kits, Twin Lens Kits or Body Only for those with existing lenses. If you don’t see a kit that suits you, feel free to mix and match camera bodies with the Lens to suit.
  1. Fuji X-T1

    The central themes of the X-series are simplicity and elegance. The camera is a precision instrument, but one that’s combined with a functional beauty.

    Now, this fusion has resulted in the new flagship of the X-series, the X-T1, and, like every model that’s come before it, you’ll find the joy of photography is hard-wired into its DNA, electrifying your instincts as a photographer, daring you to stretch your imagination and capture perfect images every time you shoot. Full Details

    From: $1,649.95

    To: $1,999.95

  2. Fuji XA1 + 16-50mm

    ---Save $50 on X-A1 16-50mm kits---
    Trade in any working or broken camera in store 
    or buy online with the promo code "trade50"

    Offer Valid Until 27/04/2014 

    The X-series design DNA that defines the globally award-winning operability and styling of the FUJIFILM X-Pro1 and FUJIFILM X-E1 is encoded in the new FUJIFILM X-A1.

    Compact and lighter than a typical DSLR, but delivering uncompromising resolution rivaling its bulky cousins.
    The classic lines of the small body invite you to take it with you wherever you go. The impact of what the FUJIFILM X-A1 offers will motivate you to get out there and seize every moment.

    Full Details


  3. Leica M Body

    The new m combines the ultimate precision of Leica’s rangefinder technology perfected over decades with the innovative potential of modern digital technology. The groundbreaking Leica m successfully expands the possibilities of the m-System while remaining true to its traditional values. Now featuring Live View, video, and new focusing methods, the m is the camera for photographers looking for the latest in photographic technology.

    Full Details


  4. Leica M Monochrome Body Black

    Countless iconic black-and-white photographs have been shot with the legendary cameras of the Leica M-System.

    So it was time for a camera to continue this tradition and finally make it possible to deliver authentic monochrome photography in digital form: the Leica M Monochrom.

    It is the first full-frame, 35 mm format digital camera to be designed exclusively and without any compromises for black-and-white photography. It delivers ‘true' black-and-white images in unrivalled sharpness and dynamic range. This makes the M Monochrom the perfect camera for anyone with a passion for black-and-white photography.

    Full Details


  5. Leica M-E

    With the introduction of the rangefinder system in 1954, Leica M film cameras became, for many photographers, the perfect tools for capturing the fascination of a moment - discreetly, silently and without hesitation. Naturally, in uncompromising quality. The first digital M-Cameras began a new chapter in this success story. Today, it is the Leica M-E that continues the story, together with the Leica M and the Leica M monochrome. However, it is the Leica M-E in particular that embodies the M-System philosophy in its purest form: the camera concentrates exclusively on essential photographic functions, ensuring simple and intuitive operation. at the same time, it is a part of the most compact full-format camera system available and enjoys access to lenses acknowledged as the best in the world. a camera designed to allow the world to discover the fascination of M-Photography.

    Full Details

  6. Nikon D3100


    Featuring a guide mode which teaches you how to use the camera, the Nikon D3100 Digital SLR Camera caters for a wide range of users. Whether you want to take a nice portrait shot with a soft background or a sharp shot of a moving subject, the D3100 makes learning easy and fun. Boasting a 14 Megapixel DX sensor capable of shooting 3 frames per second, high quality images are available with the touch of a button. Finally, the D3100 allows you to capture any moment in Full 1080p High Definition Video, so you can capture your moment your way.


    Full Details

    From: $469.95

    To: $899.95

  7. Nikon D3200


    New from Nikon comes the D3200, an Entry-Level camera with a powerful punch. Sporting a huge 24 Megapixel sensor, the D3200 includes a 6400 ISO – great for Low-Light shooting. Aimed at those new to photography, The Nikon D3200 comes with an upgraded Guide mode which not only teaches you about the camera controls but also gives you tips for composition. To help you get the most from the High Definition video, Nikon have also included a standard 3.5mm Microphone Jack. With the addition of an optional wireless adapter, the D3200 will be able to send images to your Smartphone with the help of a free App. This App will also allow you to use your phone as a remote camera trigger.

    Full Details

    From: $499.95

    To: $999.95

  8. Nikon D3300

    ---Save $50 on d3300 + 18-55mm---
    Trade in any working or broken camera in store 
    or buy online with the promo code "trade50"

    Offer Valid Until 27/04/2014 

    Perfect for anyone starting out on their DSLR journey, the easy-to-use D3300 gives you the confidence and features you need to take your photography to a whole new level.

    Whether you’re taking breathtaking travel photos, creating the ultimate Facebook profile shot, shooting footage of the kids playing soccer or just want a reliable DSLR camera, the D3300 delivers a perfect result, every time.

    With outstanding image quality, Full (1080/60p) HD video recording and a built-in Guide Mode, it’s ideal for getting started with a DSLR.


    Full Details

    From: $649.95

    To: $1,099.95

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"Sunrise on the Mt." By Joel Strickland

Tips from the photographer

  • Get up early, the light at sunrise can be amazing.
  • Act quick, the light isn’t like this for long.
  • Shoot raw, it helps to capture the full colour range.

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