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Digital SLR Cameras

Ted’s stock a wide range of Digital SLR cameras and lenses including Canon EOS, Nikon D, Pentax K and Sony Alpha D SLR’s. Our DSLR cameras are available in Single Lens Kits, Twin Lens Kits or Body Only for those with existing lenses. If you don’t see a kit that suits you, feel free to mix and match camera bodies with the Lens to suit.
  1. Canon EOS 70D


    --Bonus $100 Gift Card or $100 Off Accessories*--
    *Only on body only
    --Offer Expires 02/11/14--

    The Canon EOS 70D Digital SLR Camera is a great mid range SLR camera for those wanting to get more serious with their photography and videography. Featuring the newly developed Dual Pixel CMOS AF, which allows for high speed focusing and remarkable focus tracking performance, even when using Live View and recording video. The 20 megapixel sensor is combined with Canon's latest DiG!C 5 image processor to deliver fantastic quality images with amazing colour and depth. Built in Wi-Fi allows the user to share their images on Social Media easily and quickly as well as allowing their tablet or smartphone to act as a remote control. 



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    From: $1,299.95

    To: $1,999.95

  2. Canon EOS 7D Mark II

    The Canon EOS 7D Mark II Digital SLR Camera is the replacement for the extremely popular and successful 7D.
    The new 7D Mark II has been redesigned with purely one thing in mind, speed. 

    The Mark II has had its sensor sized increased to 20.2mp and features the latest DiGiC 6 processor, which enables it to capture superb images and video in all lighting conditions.
    The new sensor/processor combination has allowed the Mark II’s low ISO range to be expanded to amazing 51,200 ISO.

    As part of the Mark II's redesign for speed, the frame rate has been improved to 10 frames per second, the number of auto focus points have been increased to 65 points, the shutter lag time is now 0.055 second and the start-up time from the camera being turned off is 0.1sec.

    Like its predecessor the new Mark II is again designed to record video, but now with improved resolution and frame rates.

    The camera also included built in GPS for location recording as well as an Intervalometer which allows you to be able to create time lapses.

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    From: $2,199.95

    To: $3,099.95

  3. Canon EOS M


    The EOS M is Canon's entry into the compact system camera market, offering DSLR image quality in an amazingly compact and lightweight body. With easy to use controls and a broad selection of creative modes, photographers of any experience level can focus on having some fun while capturing the photo just the way they want.

    The EOS M allows for incredible versatility, giving photographers the option to attach Canon EF-M, EF-S and EF lenses, not to mention a wide array of EOS accessories ensuring that the only limit to your creativity is your imagination.


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    From: $349.95

    To: $599.95

  4. Fuji X-E2

    The FujiFilm X-E2 builds on the excellent X-E1, bringing a range of improvements as well as taking some of the best features from other Fuji X-Series cameras.

    Sitting towards the top-end of their compact system camera range, the X-E2 retains the beautiful metal control dials and magnesium-alloy build quality of it's predecessor, while again using the same 16 Megapixel "X-Trans CMOS" sensor for oustanding detail and image quality. Improvements in the X-E2 include faster, Phase Detect type autofocus, Wireless Image Transfer for instant sharing to mobile devices, and Fuji's "Lens Modulation Optimizer" which can intelligently sharpen images based on the specific properties of the attached lens.

    These improvements along with the range of fantastic, high-quality lenses, make the FujiFilm X-E2 a very desirable camera system for any enthusiast photographers.

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    From: $1,299.95

    To: $1,699.95

  5. Fuji X-M1

    --Bonus $100 Gift Card or $100 Off Accessories*--
    *Only on triple lens kit
    --Offer Expires 02/11/14--

    By removing the electronic viewfinder that we find in it's bulkier siblings, the FujiFilm X-M1 compact system camera sports a significantly smaller body, making it even easier to take it along with you everywhere you go. Combine this with the clear, sharp, tilting LCD screen, the X-M1 ensures you never miss a moment no matter what angle you need to shoot from.

    With the addition of the Scene Recognition Auto mode, users of any level can now take advantage of the outstanding detail and image quality achieved through the same 16 Megapixel "X-Trans CMOS" sensor found in FujiFilm's other compact system cameras, meaning the X-M1 is fully compatible with the same range of high-quality lenses. Now with built-in WiFi, sharing images couldn't be simpler - Fuji's Wireless Image Transfer allows you to instantly send your latest masterpiece direct to your mobile, ready to share online without the need for a PC.

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    From: $699.95

    To: $999.95

  6. Fuji X-Pro1


    The X-Pro1 is the first camera FujiFilm entered into the compact system market. As the name suggests, the X-Pro1 is aimed squarely at professional and enthusiast photographers, with it's classic rangefinder styling and dedicated control dials. The large viewfinder is Fuji's own "Hybrid" viewfinder which allows the photographer to switch between a fully digital display, or an optical rangefinder view with digital information overlaid, bringing a touch of nostalgia with it.

    Inside the X-Pro1 we find Fuji's unique 16 Megapixel, APS-C sized "X-Trans CMOS" image sensor which captures sharp detail and produces outstanding colour, including a range of film simulation modes to reproduce the expressive colour quality of Fuji films. The high-resolution, anti-reflective LCD screen means photographers can feel comfortable checking their photos in the field allowing them to shoot with even greater confidence.

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    From: $1,399.95

    To: $1,699.95

  7. Fuji X-T1

    --Bonus $100 Gift Card or $100 Off Accessories*--
    *Only on 18-55mm Kit
    --Offer Expires 02/11/14--

    The Fuji XT-1 is the latest in Fuji's range of compact system cameras. The X-T1 has taken on a more conventional DSLR design, this larger style body allows for a more comfortable hand grip, and allows room for the incredibly large and beautifully sharp electronic viewfinder.

    The FujiFilm X-T1's body is now an entirely magnesium-alloy build, giving it a sturdy feel and ensuring it's tough enough to keep shooting under any conditions. Combine this with it's 70 different sealing locations to make it dust and water resistant, and the ability to operate at temperatures down to -10 degrees, the Fuji X-T1 can be counted on by enthusiasts and professionals to be a reliable workhorse and never miss that perfect shot.

    Inside the X-T1 is Fuji's unique 16 Megapixel "X-Trans CMOS II" image sensor, which builds on the oustanding level of detail from the previous version, and now allows an ISO sensitivity of up to 51,200. Included still is the "Film Simulation" mode, giving Fuji film users the ability to recreate the look and feel of classic films such as Provia, Velvia, and Astia.

    Being the top of the current range, the X-T1 offers all of the latest features including amazingly fast autofocus, built-in interval timer shooting for timelapse photography, and an improved wireless function allowing both instant transfer of photos to mobile devices as well as remote control of the cameras functions.

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    From: $1,599.95

    To: $2,199.95

  8. Fuji XA1 + 16-50mm

    The X-A1 is Fuji's entry-level compact system camera, offering a large 16 Megapixel image sensor delivering DSLR quality images in a small, stylish body.

    FujiFilm's range of high-quality lenses make the X-A1 a versatile performer, with a high-resolution tilting LCD so you're ready to capture those fleeting moments from any angle. The Scene Recognition Auto mode will do all the hard work, determining the best settings to use under any circumstances, allowing photographers of any level to capture quality images with outstanding colour reproduction. Built-in Wireless Image Transfer means you can send your favourite shots direct to a mobile, quickly and easily, ready for instant sharing to the web without the need for a PC. A range of in-camera artistic filters can help turn even a boring photo into something much more interesting.

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