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Compact Digital Cameras

For all of your Point-and-Shoot needs, Ted’s sell compact digital cameras of all shapes, sizes and specifications including waterproof cameras and others with manual controls, small digital cameras and Big-Zoom compacts. Here you will find Canon Digital cameras including Ixus and Powershot, Panasonic Lumix compacts, Pentax Optio, Nikon Coolpix, Leica, Fuji Finepix, Olympus Compacts and Sony Cybershot

  1. Fuji XQ1 Black

    Fujifilm have managed to combine all the features of a high-end enthusiast camera into a compact and pocketable body, and they've called it the XQ1.

    With an all-metal body and high-resolution 3" LCD screen, the Fuji XQ1 oozes quality from the moment you pick it up, but that's only the beginning. Inside the slender, user-friendly XQ1, we find the same large 2/3-inch X-Trans CMOS II sensor that is used in it's bigger brother the X20. The X-Trans CMOS is known to deliver high-quality, highly detailed images, and to make the most of this it's coupled with a 25-100mm equivalent zoom lens boasting a maximum aperture of f/1.8. This bright lens helps to make the most of lower lighting conditions, and the built-in optical image stabliser will assist in ensuring sharp, blur free images even in challenging conditions.

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  2. Fuji X30

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    The Fuji X30 Digital Compact Camera is the latest in Fuji's line up of rangefinder styled compact cameras.

    It features a 12 megapixel CMOS sensor which combined with the EXR Processor results in ultimate image quality for the user.

    The X30 features a f2 lens which in conjunction with its high ISO capability of 12800, means the camera can cope with any light situation

    A unique feature on the X30, and one that will appeal to many photographer who are fans of Fujifilm negative/chrome film, is the film simulation mode called Classic Chrome which helps to reproduce the effect of different types of Fujifilms such as Velvia, Provia and Astia for example.

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  3. Fuji X20


    If you want a camera to take anywhere, take a look at the Fuji finepix X20 compact digital camera. Sporting Fuji’s new 12 Megapixel X-Trans CMOS sensor, this camera is capable of producing professional images while remaining lightweight and unobtrusive. The on-chip phase detection autofocus makes focusing quick and easy, while the manual zoom ring does the same for framing. The X20 offers complete manual control as well as RAW and JPEG format recording, Full HD Video and stereo microphones, image filters and film simulation modes to save you editing time later. The Advanced Optical View finder is a delight to use, particularly with the digital overlay displaying your shooting settings.

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  4. Fuji X100T

    The thrill of control.
    The passion for shooting.

    First, photographers had to be a master of their camera to produce great work.
    Then, anyone could become a photographer thanks to advances in technology.
    Now, a camera has been created that leaves all the control in the hands of the photographer, but backs it up with advanced technology. The FUJIFILM X100T.

    Packed with new features such as the world's first electronic rangefinder – a high-quality fusion of optics and electronics – and the Classic Chrome mode, offering the simulation of a classic film style, photographers can combine their passion for shooting with the thrill of controlling their camera once more

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  5. Fuji X100S

    The Fuji Finepix X100s is a camera designed to classic style together with the best new technology. Fuji have taken the beloved X100 and improved on some of its flaws in the operating system, making the X100s a much more user friendly camera. They have also improved the image quality by adding a 16 Megapixel X-Trans CMOS sensor with phase-detection for faster and more accurate autofocus. The X100s also includes the things you love about its predecessor, such as the hybrid optical/electronic viewfinder which gives you a digital settings display over your optical view.

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  6. Fuji Finepix XP70

    • 4 Way Proof & 5x Optical Zoom Lens.
    • Wireless Image Transfer allows instant sharing via mobile devices.
    • New Action camera mode that allows you to shoot action packed movies!
    • High-Resolution, 16M CMOS Sensor and Optical Image Stabilization.
    • New Advanced Filter applicable to movies and photos.
    • Bright and Clear LCD with an Anti-Reflective Coating.
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  7. Fuji Finepix SL300

    The powered 30x zoom features smooth 45-step zoom control, giving you the ability to frame every shot with precision accuracy. At a distance of just 2cm, macro photography using the FinePix SL300 allows you to capture all the exquisite detail of your subject from really close up. Dual Image Stabilization is the combination of high sensitivity and CCD shift image stabilization that works to eliminate blurred photos by freezing action and minimizing blurs at maximum zoom range. Full Details


  8. Save $25

    Fuji Finepix S4000


    24mm Wide Angle
    24mm optical zoom lens allows you to capture the real scale, depth, dynamism of the scene at a wide angle. 

    14 Megapixels - With Vivid Colors and Clarity
    An impressive 14 megapixels resolution won't miss the finest details of your subject. Images are captured sharp and clear, in vivid colors, even when printed at large sizes.

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  9. Save $50

    Fuji Finepix Real 3D W3

    The FinePix Real 3D W3 is Fujifilm's second 3D compact camera, and the first to shoot movies in HD. Full Details


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