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Canon Powershot

Canon Powershot

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The Canon Powershot series - with features ranging from entry-level to high-performance - takes compact camera photography to a new level. If you're looking to buy a digital camera the Powershot delivers ease of use and high image quality.

Experiencing high quality images with a compact camera is possible with Canon's Powershot high performance range. These cameras come with manual control, allowing users to override automatic settings. The 14 megapixel Powershot G1X Mark II even comes equipped with a Canon EOS inspired CMOS sensor, f/2.0 lens, DiG!C 5 image processing and full high definition (HD) video recording!

  1. Canon Powershot D30

    The Canon PowerShot D30 is a camera for all situations. Whether you're an adventurer expecting to take the camera with you into some extreme conditions, or just looking for a family camera that can brave the adventures of life, the shockproof, freezeproof, dustproof and waterproof D30 can handle it all.

    Take photos with confidence, Canon's Smart Auto mode can do all the thinking for you so you don't have to worry about getting the settings wrong, and the tough body means you don't have to worry about those knocks, drops or bumps that could damage any normal compact leaving you free to focus on the moment. Built-in GPS can tag your images with you location as you take them, so you'll never forget where you saw that gorgeous landscape. Full HD video can be recorded at the touch of a button, ensuring the D30 is always ready to capture the action for sharing with your friends.

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  2. Canon Powershot G16


    Canon's PowerShot G16 is the latest in a long line of G-Series enthusiast compacts, and won't disappoint.

    Like any good compact camera, it's Smart Auto mode makes taking high quality, quick snaps incredibly easy but the G16 is about control. It has an optical viewfinder to help compose your photo in bright sunlight, a flash hotshoe which supports the Canon Speedlite DSLR flashguns to give you complete lighting control, a dedicated exposure dial for quick adjustments.

    To make sure all that control doesn't go to waste, the Canon G16 sports the latest DiG!C 6 processor for fast response and burst shooting up to a blistering 12 frames per second, a 12 Megapixel CMOS type sensor which is larger than most other compacts to deliver more detail and less noise, coupled with a very bright f1.8-2.8 lens allowing the camera do gather plenty of light no matter what conditions you're in.


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  3. Canon Powershot G1X Mark II

    For anyone looking for the very best performance in a compact digital camera, the Canon PowerShot G1X Mark II is certaintly one to look at.

    With an image sensor larger than most compacts, the G1X Mark II is a serious compact delivering the best image quality ever seen in a Canon compact camera. To compliment the 12.8 Megapixel CMOS sensor is a new brighter lens which is improved over the original G1X, now offering a maximum aperture of f2.0, letting a lot more light in. The body itself has been re-designed to be smaller and neater, and now has 2 control rings around the lens barrel, ensuring photographers have the control that they need, right at their fingertips. Canon have also included built-in Wi-Fi, opening up the possibilities for more creative angles thanks to remote shooting via a compatible smartphone, or simply to download images wirelessly.

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  4. Canon Powershot G7X

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    The Canon Powershot G7X digital compact camera is one of most featured packed camera but in the perfect sized body for those that want a camera that isn't to bulky.

    The G7X features a 1" sized CMOS 20 megapixel sensor, which when combined with the powerful DIGIC 6 processor, it results in amazing low light performance with a high ISO sensitivity ability of 12,800.

    With a fast f1.8-f2.8 lens the G7X can handle any lighting situation and with the 24-100mm lens capturing any situation is easy.

    Other features of the camera include a built in ND filter, Full HD video recording, Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity.

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  5. Canon Powershot N


    The Canon Powershot N is a fantastic camera to add to your daily tech arsenal. Featuring an 8x optical zoom lens, 12 Megapixel sensor and plenty of filters all packed into a tiny design, the Canon N is the perfect companion to your smartphone. The new Eco mode makes conserving battery power easy, and its WiFi compatibility lets you upload shots to your smartphone and the internet within moments. The many shooting options and filters add a lot of fun to your photographic experience. The new Creative Shot mode will give you one original shot as well as five versions with different exposures, filters and cropping to give you a few options to pick from.


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  6. Canon Powershot N100

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    The Canon PowerShot N100 is the latest in Canon's line of creative compact digital cameras. The original PowerShot N changed the way we think about taking photos by offering a radical design, a new Creative Shot mode, and instant sharing through built-in W-Fi and a dedicated button to send your photos direct to a mobile device for instant sharing.

    Canon's new N100 builds on this concept of fun and creativity, now in a more conventional camera design. The large, 3" Touch LCD on the rear can tilt 90-degree, giving you the flexibility to explore new angles. Creative Shot mode and built-in Wi-Fi features are brought across from it's predecessor, with the addition of a rear camera with sits just above the LCD screen, bringing moments to life by capturing the expression of the photographer in the image, allowing you to tell both side of the story. The improvements are more than skin deep as the N100 now offers the same, larger image sensor found in the high-performance S series, as well as a bright 5x zoom lens the combination of which provides brilliant quality images.


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  7. Canon Powershot S120


    The Canon PowerShot S120 sticks to the mould, like it's predecessors it boasts a compact, pocketable body housing some powerful specs.

    Designed with enthusiasts in mind, the S120 is capabale of capturing astonishing levels of detail in clean, crisp images thanks to it's large 12 Megapixel CMOS type sensor and bright f1.8 lens. Powered by Canon's latest image processor, DiG!C 6, the PowerShot S120 delivers beautiful, vivid colour reproduction and outstanding dynamic range under all lighting conditions. To ensure photographers aren't being held back, 2 control dials are available to allow quick changing of settings. The ring control around the lens barrel can be used for a wide variety of functions and is customisable, allowing you even greater flexibility and the ability to set up the camera to suit your needs. As with all the latest models, the S120 includes new functions like Star Mode to help capture sharp images of beautiful starry skies, and built-in Wi-Fi for instant sharing or direct printing.

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  8. Canon Powershot S200

    The PowerShot S200 is a new addition to Canon's range of enthusiast compact cameras, offering all the features you need to take better photos.

    Behind the bright f2.0 lens, Canon have given the S200 the same large sensor found in their high end compacts, the bigger surface area allowing more detailed, sharper images with less image noise. The latest DiG!C 5 image processer ensures vivid colour and speedy performance, combined with quick access to manual controls via the control ring around the lens barrel, there's nothing to prevent you capturing the moment just the way you imagine it.

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