Twin flash heads with fully adjustable positions for highly flexible lighting set-ups. High output with maximum guide number 22 with twin heads or 24 with single head, E-TTL autoflash control including high-speed FP flash, FE Lock, FEB and flash ratio control. Operates as the master unit in a wireless E-TTL autoflash system

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The new Macro Twin Lite gives serious close-up, nature, and macro enthusiasts a different option in macro lighting - a directional quality of light, as opposed to the rather "Flat" character of the traditional ring lite. Two separate flash heads can be swiveled around the lens, can be aimed separately, and even removed from their holder and mounted off-camera. Like the MR-14EX, the new Macro Twin Lite MT-24EX is fully E-TTL compatible with all EOS bodies, including digital SLRs, and even allows Wireless E-TTL flash control with one or more 550EX and/or 420EX "slave units". It also provides easy ratio control of each flash head’s output, over a six-stop range.
Available Colours -
Dimensions -
Battery Type AA
Metering -
Zoom Focal Length -
Autofocus Assist Beam -
Lens Mount -
Guide Number 22
Pan Left -
Pan Right -
Tilt Down -
Tilt Up -
Wireless Master
Manufacturer's Warranty 12 Months