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Flash Accessories

  1. Canon OCSC3 Off Camera Shoe Cord 3

    This Canon accessory allows you to connect your Canon Flash on one end of the cord and the other end will be mounted to the Hot Shoe unit of your EOS camera.

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  2. Canon ST-E3-RT Flash Radio Transmitter

    For sophisticated wireless flash setups, there's nothing like the new Speedlite Transmitter ST-E3-RT*. Facilitating radio controlled, two-way wireless transmission up to 98.4 feet, among up to five groups or fifteen individual Speedlites, the ST-E3-RT represents the next generation in wireless flash systems. With operational controls similar to the new Speedlite 600EX-RT, including diverse flash metering options, and a number of flash modes, the Speedlite Transmitter ST-E3-RT makes complex lighting setups simple. With a compact design and highly reliable construction, combined with a clearly laid-out information panel and buttons with back lighting and more, the Speedlite Transmitter ST-E3-RT is an indispensible tool for advanced, professional flash photography.

    *Because it does not have an optical transmission function, the Speedlite Transmitter ST-E3-RT is not compatible with earlier Speedlite models such as 580EX II.

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  3. Hahnel Tuff TTL Receiver

    Do you want to fire multiple flash guns with just one Tuff TTL Transmitter?  Easy - just mount additional receivers onto how ever many flash guns you wish to fire and trigger using just one Tuff TTL transmitter mounted onto the camera!

    The TUFF TTL Wireless Flash Trigger supports multiple receivers in full TTL.

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  4. Hahnel Tuff TTL Wireless Flash Trigger

    Whether you prefer to be outside capturing the wildlife or inside the studio shooting mood photography such as portraits, this wireless flash trigger will prove to be a very useful piece of kit for both professional and amateur photographers alike.

    The Tuff TTL is exceptionally well-made. Designed with durability in mind, the product has been constructed using resilient tough rubber giving the photographer peace of mind against any accidental impact.
    Special attention has been given to the strength of the housing and in particular an additional reinforcement collar on the neck of the transmitter which gives additional durability.

    The transmitter and receiver are covered by a silicone rubber case to protect against wear and tear and to absorb some of the energy created on impact, thereby preventing damage to the product.

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  5. Joby Universal Flash Shoe

    Updated flash shoe with 1/4"-20 tripod screw to work with any tripod. Plus, built-in quick release for GorillaPod Hybrid and GorillaPod SLR-Zoom.

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  6. Nikon SU-800 Wireless Flash Commander

    Wireless Remote Speedlight SB-R200, a portable wireless remote flash unit for Nikon Advanced Wireless Lighting system. The Wireless Remote Speedlight SB-R200 offers a guide number of 14/46 (ISO 200, m/ft.), and can be attached to the front of the lens via the Attachment Ring SX-1, held in the photographer’s hand, or freely positioned by using the Speedlight Stand AS-20, which is supplied with the SB-R200. Full Details


  7. Olympus FL-BKM03 Twin Flash Bracket

    This twin flash bracket allows you to mount up to two external flashes for macro photography lighting. It can be used with all interchangeable lenses including ultra-wide-angle lenses. Full Details


  8. Olympus FL-CB05(U) Hotshoe Flash Cable

    Allows the use of the Olympus dedicated flash units in connection with Olympus digital camera models equipped with a hot shoe.

    Provides off lens-axis light modeling quality  

    • Maximum length of 1 metre
    • Connected via clip-on hot shoe to compatible Olympus digital camera
    • Maintains full dedication capabilities of flash unit
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"Sunrise on the Mt." By Joel Strickland

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  • Get up early, the light at sunrise can be amazing.
  • Act quick, the light isn’t like this for long.
  • Shoot raw, it helps to capture the full colour range.

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